The annual export volume of the hottest Shahe glas

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Recently, Bao Dong, chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese in Hebei Province, and Zhang Zhigang, chairman of the Ugandan Hebei chamber of Commerce and chairman of Uganda paradise group, visited Shahe City to investigate the development of the glass industry. Haoyanhong, member of the Standing Committee of Xingtai municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department, liuguofang, yinbingchen, guojunying, he Qiang, and Li Qingguo, deputy secretary of the economic development zone, accompanied the investigation

At the symposium, Liu Guofang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, welcomed Bao Dong and his delegation to our city for investigation and introduced the development of our glass industry. In order to promote the transformation and development of the glass industry, our city has conscientiously implemented the provincial policy. On the one hand, it is to promote the further transformation and upgrading of the industry. On the other hand, it has also enhanced the relevant decisions and arrangements of the information exchange and Exchange Commission and the provincial government in our Taizhou Plastic Industry and the same industry nationwide and even globally, actively seize the major strategic opportunities of the "the Belt and Road", encourage and guide glass enterprises to invest and build factories overseas, and promote the "going out" of high-quality products and advantageous production capacity, Building a new model of international production capacity cooperation and expanding new space for the development of Shahe glass industry have achieved good results. These five factors play a decisive role. Up to now, the annual export volume of glass in our city has reached 1. It has built two overseas warehouses in South Korea and South Africa, and two overseas warehouses in Russia and Jordan are under construction; The expanded glass factory has invested in the construction of a glass production line base in Tanzania, and built a whole industry chain project from electrolytic copper to Zongzhen copper based new materials, becoming the first "going out" enterprise in the glass industry in Hebei Province

Bao Dong fully affirmed the development of the glass industry in our city, and hoped that the Federation of overseas Chinese at all levels could give full play to its systematic advantages and role, further strengthen its work, help Shahe glass enterprises to explore a broader international market, introduce and implement more advanced scientific and technological achievements, and achieve better and faster development of Shahe glass industry

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