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The demand for packaging machinery in China will increase by 8.6% annually in 2009. This report makes an in-depth analysis of the products and production strategies of well-known companies active in the field of color changing materials

China is one of the countries with the fastest growth of packaging machinery in the world. It is estimated that by 2009, the demand for packaging machinery in China will increase at an annual growth rate of 8.6%, and the demand will reach 35.9 billion yuan (about 4.4 billion US dollars). By 2014, China will surpass Japan in the demand for packaging machinery in the same period, and become the second largest packaging market in the world after the United States

the demand for labeling and marking equipment will exceed that of other packaging equipment, which is mainly caused by users' accurate identification and tracking of product demand growth. In addition, the increased use of RFID tags will also promote the demand for related tag equipment. China's demand for filling equipment and forming filling sealing equipment will continue to grow. The size, growth rate and composition of the demand for packaging machinery in the six regions of China are significantly different, which is specifically reflected in the differences in the scale and structure of the local packaging industry. For example, the development of northeast, northwest and southwest areas is relatively lagging, but the central government's "developing the Great West" and "revitalizing the northeast" plans aim at the economic development of these regions. However, South China accounts for more than 70% of the country's total manufacturing value. Therefore, the continuous production of prepreg semi-finished products will stop for a period of time. In recent years, some regions will continue to provide the widest business opportunities for packaging machinery suppliers

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