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Touch application is one of the main axes of Computex this year

touch application is one of the main axes of Computex this year. If you have a simple understanding of the competitive situation of intelligent touch chip industry, it is not difficult to know that its suppliers are dominated by Synaptics, ATMEL and cypress, almost accounting for nearly 80% of the global market

looking back at the market share two years ago, Synaptics is the last one, and has not entered the supply chain of major OEM manufacturers. However, by now, Synaptics has become the main supplier of Andro function introduction: ID, Sony, Samsung and HTC. Dr. Zhengzhou Xu, the strategy manager of the company, has made great efforts in software and algorithms besides hardware

if Synaptics has a high end share, ATMEL is the leader in the medium and large-size touch market. ATMEL first learn that its technical strength is undoubtedly the main reason why it is affirmed by the market. Taking mxt2952t of maxtouch series released this year as an example, it is the first to support touch screens up to 15.6 inches on a single chip and certified by windows8. After optimization, the thickness of cladding glass that can be supported is only 0.4mm

in addition, in the touch architecture, for some reasons that make it coincide with the main needle, the industry is looking for alternative ITO materials. The xsense proposed by ATMEL is a method of substituting materials. It is called metalmesh in the industry, and the company is called FLM (fine linemetal), which uses extremely thin copper metal wires

however, cambrios CEO johnlemoncheck said that the challenge of customizing metalmesh is not small. In contrast, cambrios' clearohm nano silver wire scheme in the FRP industry seems to have made good progress. It has the characteristics of higher light transmittance, higher conductivity, lighter thickness, coating process at low temperature, unchanged patterning procedure, nomoireeffect, flexible product, etc

to sum up, cambrios' silver nanowire scheme does have the conditions to challenge ITO. It seems that aiopc will be the primary market target. However, this part will not face the challenge of projection capacitance, but face-to-face with optical touch technology, such as dialog

dialog has entered the large screen multi touch market with an optical multi touch solution. The plane scattering detection (PSD) touch panel developed by dialog in cooperation with the Swedish supplier flatfrog uses glass or plastic optical mirrors, without the use of ITO conductive materials. It has a considerable cost advantage in large-scale applications

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