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Deferred demand for touch Nb CHENHONG's performance burst in August

the launch of Intel's new platform Haswell was postponed, and the demand for touch laptop was deferred to the explosion in August, making f-tpk CHENHONG's performance will not grow significantly until August. TPK's share price has fallen below the limit for two consecutive days due to the slashing of holdings by investment trust and foreign legal persons in the past two days

however, the legal person believes that TPK's revenue and profit for the whole year this year continue to be optimistic, but the time point of substantial performance growth is deferred for one month

according to the original estimate of the legal person, TPK's performance fell at the end of June and is expected to grow significantly after the opening of new production capacity in July. Due to the deferred demand, the legal person slashed TPK for two consecutive days, causing the stock price to lock up for two consecutive days. Yesterday (24) the domestic coke spot market as a whole remained stable at 488.5 yuan and partially strengthened. The NT dollar fell by the limit price, falling by 36.5 yuan, and the trading volume was 9014, the largest single day volume since March this year

tpk treasurer Liu Shiliang said yesterday that in the first half of the year, due to the impact of smart and tablet computers, no new products were launched. It is estimated that June will be the bottom of the performance, and the performance will gradually rise in July

Liu Shiliang said that the revenue in July will still grow compared with that in June, but it needs to grow significantly. It will wait until August, mainly after the Taipei Computer Show. Pen power plants are waiting for Haswell's new platform, resulting in the deferred demand for touch laptop. It was originally estimated that it can grow significantly in July, but now it will not grow significantly until August

he said that the demand for touch laptop remained unchanged, but the time for laptop manufacturers to launch new machines was postponed by one month. TPK's revenue and profit for the whole year of this year were still optimistic

npddisplaysearch estimates that the global touch sensor market in 2013 will double after the power supply is cut off. In 2012, the global touch sensor shipment reached 12million square meters, compared with 25.5 million square meters in 2013, with an annual growth rate of 125%. In 2015, it will further grow to 35.9 million square meters

npddisplaysearch pointed out that the largest application terminal product of touch sensors is mobile computing devices, especially intelligent and tablet computers, and the touch laptop is the next important device

due to regional, many brands, differentiated high and low specifications and other factors, different touch sensing technologies can find room to play

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