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Touch laptop shipments grew more than fourfold in 2013. Ihs21 released a report that due to the decline in prices and the support of Intel, touch laptop shipments are expected to rise year by year after 2013, when the main business revenue of 2 is 1372.79 billion. By 2016, about 1/4 of the laptops will be touch laptops

ihs estimates that compared with only 4.6 million touch laptops shipped in 2012, it will grow to 78 million in 2016, accounting for 24.6% of global laptop shipments

the key to the growth of touch laptop shipments is this year, mainly due to the decline in prices. In 2012, the selling price of 14 inch touch screen was US dollars, but this year it has been reduced to US $35. This price can be recognized by the market to produce affordable touch laptop

ihs predicts that in 2013, the shipment of touch laptop will reach 24million units, which means an annual growth of more than 400%. In addition, Intel is also pushing the low-cost Touch Ultra thin laptop, so it can be expected that the market will continue to grow after 2013

Zaneball, vice president and general manager of Intel, said: touch screens are reshaping the PC market and have considerable growth opportunities. At Intel, we have adopted the strategy that touch should be everywhere. We believe that using touch in the PC field will be revolutionary. Many times, mice are likely to be products running nearby, creating new demand

Ball pointed out that the new Haswell processor architecture of Intel in 2013 is progressing smoothly, which can perfectly combine with the trend of touch laptop

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