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The first graphene film production line in China with an annual output of 30000 square meters was officially put into operation in Changzhou recently, Changzhou two-dimensional Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Gefei electronic film technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lihe photoelectric sensor Co., Ltd. and Jiangnan graphene Research Institute announced in Changzhou, citing Xinhua. The R & D team of Changzhou two-dimensional Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in successfully applying graphene film to capacitive touch screens, and realized the small batch production of graphene touch screens. It is reported that the graphene touch screen with good flexibility and light transmission performance can replace the current ITO touch screen, and the cost can be reduced by about 30%. Every year, 30000 square meters of graphene film can produce more than 100000 touch screens. At present, the R & D team has broken through the application of graphene film in small and medium-sized touch processes, and realized the docking of graphene film materials and existing ITO module process lines. Industry experts said that the graphene film process line can complete the docking only by simply modifying the existing ITO module process line, and the industrial application of graphene film materials in the touch display field will be accelerated

graphene with single-layer carbon atoms is the thinnest carbon material, which has the best conductivity and heat conduction. It also has extremely high mechanical strength, flexibility and light transmittance. It has broad application prospects in the fields of touch control can be put into use, 3D printing cost is still very high, display, energy storage, electronics, composite materials and so on

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