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Touch screen is crossing the territory of consumer electronic products

the flat panel display industry is entering the threshold of a new stage of development. New technology and new applications are the two engines to promote its further development. At the recent 2013 Taiwan flat panel display exhibition and Taipei International Optoelectronics week, various manufacturers launched a series of new technology products representing the future trend, such as color electronic paper, large-size high-resolution TV panels, touch panels, etc., and the application concepts of intelligence, green, environmental protection, health and so on promoted by these technologies give people a better vision for the future

electronic paper: evolution to color

the current electronic paper technology is still inferior to the traditional LCD in color saturation and reaction speed, so the education market has become the largest market for e-book readers

e-book readers have been impacted by tablet computers, smart devices and other mobile terminals in the past two years, and their popularity has declined, but e-paper displays still occupy a place in the market with their unique suitable reading performance. In the past, a major factor limiting the scope of application of electronic paper was the inability to carry out color display. At this exhibition, eink Yuantai technology, the global e-paper leader, exhibited a number of new e-paper displays, the most striking of which is its color e-book reader equipped with e-paper panels

according to Huang Zhiming, public relations manager of Yuantai technology, the product not only has the characteristics of high contrast, readable in the sun and environmental protection, but also can present 4096 color image quality. Yuantai technology is cooperating with relevant terminal manufacturers, and terminal products equipped with color electronic paper displays will be launched by the end of this year. Thus, electronic paper technology has taken an important step in the evolution from black-and-white display to color

however, the current e-paper technology is still inferior to the traditional LCD in terms of color saturation and reaction speed, so the education market has become the largest market for e-book readers. Huang Zhiming said that at present, e-book readers are developing rapidly in the education market. If the price is more reasonable in the future, it will be easier for end users to obtain the content of e-book textbooks, thereby increasing the share of e-book readers in the textbook market

in fact, in order to seize the potential education market in Chinese Mainland, eink Yuantai technology signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Mainland e-book platform sweet potato and the education publishing media Phoenix Group in April 2010, trying to provide a complete solution of e-book reader software and hardware through the integration of upstream, midstream and downstream supply chains and digital content, so as to expand the market

touch: keyword intelligence

in the field of large size, somatosensory control and optical touch are the future trend, and the suitable development space of capacitive touch screen is small and medium size

affected by the hot sale of smart, touch panel has become one of the hottest topics this year. Many manufacturers' products at this exhibition also focus on touch

the key word of touch products this year is intelligence. The needs of end users are changing, and touch products in the new stage will show more intelligent and low-cost characteristics. Jianyang technology on-site personnel said when showing their in cell solution to. When displaying a series of touch products, deput technology also said that the function of intelligence is becoming more and more powerful, which has combined the functions of camera, satellite positioning, game, pocket computer and translator. The intelligent operation interface is touch control, which makes the intelligent control that touch BASF will play an indispensable role more and more important. In addition, many people now refer to smart appliances, hoping to combine touch technology to make the wireless network into a road system of smart appliances, and put forward requirements for smart technology. In this way, capacitive touch screen is not omnipotent. In the field of large-scale display, such as household TV, it is necessary to not only watch, but also realize touch control. In the field of large-scale, body touch and optical touch are the future trend, and the suitable development space of capacitive touch screen is small and medium-sized

touch control is becoming ubiquitous. It is estimated that the shipment of touch panel will be 1.5 billion pieces in 2013 and will grow rapidly to 2.6 billion pieces in 2015. The new generation of information equipment, smart appliances, public equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, have begun to use touch interfaces. In recent years, smart and tablet computers have led the trend, driving the prosperity of the entire touch industry, spanning the territory of consumer electronics and penetrating into other industries

glass substrate: thin and wear-resistant is the main theme

due to the rapid development of mobile products such as handheld devices, tablet computers and notebook devices, the market needs more thin and wear-resistant glass substrates

glass substrate, as the basic material of the display industry, is also the focus of this exhibition. As smart mobile devices become a hot spot in the market, from the perspective of product development, the development trend of display technology is changing from large-scale oriented to thin, lightweight and more impact resistant features that mobile terminal manufacturers attach importance to. Zhangjiahao, deputy general manager of Guang'an Glass Co., Ltd., pointed out that glass substrates are becoming thinner, lighter and clearer, especially due to the rapid development of mobile products such as handheld devices, tablet computers and notebook devices, the market needs thinner and wear-resistant glass substrates

reducing fingerprint retention is a new function of glass substrates in the future. Hongyi glass related personnel said that because touch screens are becoming more and more popular, people often need to touch them on the screen. Consumers are very headache about the residual fingerprints, and it is very important to develop glass substrates with low fingerprint retention. In addition, due to frequent use, if glass products with antibacterial function are developed, there will also be a broad market

of course, the most eye-catching technology in glass substrate is still flexible glass. With the release of ultra-thin and scrollable OLED display, flexible intelligent design has been developed. Flexible display technology is highly expected, which is a huge impact on glass substrate manufacturers. Because plastic substrates have advantages not only in thin and lightweight, but also in improving impact resistance and realizing flexibility. Therefore, it is very important to develop flexible glass substrate technology

igzo: pay attention to reliability and film uniformity

caac-igzo crystalline film technology has better reliability and film uniformity than a-IGZO, which is a better choice for future display materials

igzo is undoubtedly a potential stock in the display industry. Its advantage is that the frame of igzo display can be within 2mm, which means that manufacturers such as apple can increase the size of display without increasing the volume of equipment. This narrow frame display can improve the user experience. The advantages of igzo display can solve many limitations of current smart, tablet and notebook computers, which has attracted the attention of the industry. The energy consumption of igzo display is very low, only 1/5~1/10 of that of traditional a-Si display. Izgo displays have very low energy consumption when generating backlights and driving panels, which is very important for mobile devices. Compared with the traditional a-Si display screen, the touch production of igzo display screen has laid a solid foundation for the production of high-quality and high value-added aluminum alloy products, with smoother control and less interference

igzo material was first proposed by Tokyo University of technology and applied in TFT industry. Sharp showed products using a-igzotft on ces2013. At the displaytaiwan2013 market and Technology Forum of this exhibition, Yamamoto Lianggao from semiconductorenergylaboratory introduced the research progress of the new igzo product caac-igzo (c-axisaligned crystal igzo) crystalline film technology, which is characterized by strong c-axis orientation of the arrangement of atoms; Compared with a-IGZO, its reliability and film uniformity are better

in this regard, Chen Yimin, an industry analyst at the display division of the Optoelectronic Technology Industry Association (PIDA), said that starting with TFT, new features of other igzo components may appear in the future, and these new technologies will promote more widespread applications

plant factory: bring new opportunities to the industry

Taiwan, in combination with the advantages of the electronic industry, will actively layout emerging industries in the future, and plant factory is the focus of its future development

in recent years, in addition to further promoting the development of its traditional electronic industry, manufacturers in Taiwan are also actively planning emerging industries in the future. Plant factories combined with electronic technology are their development priorities. Plant factories have also become a highlight of this exhibition

plant factory is an environmentally controllable plant production system, which is built in a completely controllable plant factory environment with the level and concept of a dust-free room. The lighting, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, wind speed, nutrient solution and medium in the plant factory are fully automated, which can stably produce high-quality products all year round like the factory, and can also ensure the conservation of resources and minimize the impact on the environment. The vegetables produced in the plant factory will not have pests and diseases, so they are completely free of pesticides, which will not pollute the land and water, and will not harm the human body, so they are very popular

the concept of plant factory comes from Europe and the United States. It has been studied in Taiwan for a long time. At present, the industry has become mature. The representatives and experts of the preparatory meeting will participate in the theme forums and special technology forums and seminars according to the topics of interest. The related industries, including LED industry, electronic and motor industry, traditional agriculture, plant factories, etc., will be combined and applied to form a new agricultural production technology industry

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