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In 2013, the touch screen industry reached a critical moment of risk control and transformation

the profit of small touch screens below 5 inches fell, and large touch screens are the trend

after years of crazy growth, the touch screen industry is about to enter a period of adjustment In the past 2012, the global intelligent shipment volume was about 700million, of which China shipped nearly 230million, about 1/3 of the volume. In 2012, the tablet computer shipment volume was nearly 120million, and apple accounted for 60%; The relevant consulting agency

predicts that the growth rate of tablet computers and intelligence is expected to more than double in the next three years Such a huge consumer market is both an opportunity and a challenge for the touch screen industry

on May, touchchina2013, the sixth Shenzhen International touch screen exhibition, CO sponsored by CCIA, Nikkei BP, Taiwan DIGITIMES, and China Switzerland exhibition, will be held by technology exhibitions and lectures from sharp, Toray, Nitto, Yilong, BEIRU precision, and six major touch screen manufacturers in Taiwan. They will share with the industry from the international market and industrial trends. They are panel factories, display screen factories Touch screen manufacturers and equipment and material suppliers have a good opportunity to understand cutting-edge technologies. Small and medium-sized screen manufacturers can also foresee the development opportunities of the global low-end smart market from the release of new products such as Spreadtrum

the larger the market, the smaller the smaller, which directly affects the orders of touch screen manufacturers:

at present, the domestic market in China has been occupied by Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad and other industries. The sales of more than 200 million units, these brands have at least 70% market share, and there is a trend to continue to expand. The main reason is that intelligent technology is of little significance, and its technology and application change rapidly. For many small brands, there is a lack of technical advantages and scale advantages, and the capital chain is also a problem. In the face of continuous upgrading from chips to software, it is difficult for small and medium-sized brands to adapt, the binding cooperation of operators, and the attack of e-commerce, so that medium and low-end brands that rely on traditional channels lose their traditional advantages in competition. All kinds of intelligence with selling prices ranging from 299 to thousands of yuan are innovative, and the advantages of nearly 700 brands are not there

enterprises that once supplied TP around Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei and Samsung caught the opportunity and made enough money in. Later, more than 200 screen factories followed up, one after another in the orders of large brands and small and medium-sized enterprises, with both glory and loss. Many enterprises that have made brilliant achievements in functions often fail to execute orders in intelligence, which leads to the fact that some project orders of TP manufacturers have more or less inventory, consuming a certain profit space. Now the screen factory is in two difficulties. Some orders are large, so they dare not accept them, and the price is low; Limited profits; Some orders are small but large. Once they are in stock, they will be wasted

the evolution of touch technology promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry

from g+g, g+ff to OGS, etc. to in cell, this process will be faster and faster. Previously, some institutions predicted that it will be a domestic product of g+g, g+f, OGS, in cell, at least until 2016, which will take at least years. Judging from the development and changes of terminals, the time may be shorter. If India, Brazil, Russia and other new markets can develop as quickly as the Chinese market in intelligence, it is estimated that the TP market of g+g and g+f, which respectively test the mechanical properties of adult toothbrushes, children's toothbrushes and children's toothbrushes according to product specifications, will be popular for several years. However, the intelligence of the new foreign order market is not as fast as expected. This brings depression and confusion to TP manufacturers who rely on buying glass cover plates and control ICs - because the machines in the medium and high-end markets are getting thinner and thinner. The 700000 T/a coal to olefin new material demonstration project jointly invested by glass factory and LCD display factory Shenhua Ningmei Saudi Basic Industry Company is located in zone a of coal chemical industry base of Ningdong energy and chemical industry base in Ningxia. Some listed companies have entered OGS, and the situation of whether high or low has emerged

at present, there are hundreds of touch screen manufacturers in the mainland, and some of them need to continue to work in the low-end market and maintain the needs of several third tier brands in order to achieve new development. Some of those who have accumulated profits need transformation or equipment renewal, but it is very important to control the cost and scale. In the face of simple consumption requirements for material experiments and few experimental projects, they can take measures, but the space market changes and upstream technology updates, as well as the meager profits, and the risks are increasing; Several large listed companies, together with Taiwan enterprises, strive to supply with Intel, apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc., maintain old customers and transformation, and advance and retreat freely

touch patents are a sword, and new business opportunities have gradually emerged.

like chips, a few touch ICs have their own camps and different patents. If an enterprise with a monthly shipment of more than 1million pieces wants to supply large brands, it is necessary to stand in line in the patent and supply chain. How the screen factory positions itself needs the wisdom and judgment of the bosses

transformation is necessary; All listed companies and non listed companies, facing the polarization of the market, plan ahead, and mostly consider expanding the touch screen, smart TV, digital billboards, audio-visual education equipment, medical treatment, public equipment fields. The development of these fields is far from enough, and the demand is no less than that of the tablet market, and the execution of orders and the demand for profits are good. Part of the transformation, part of the diversion, market segmentation is gradually reflected. This is what the touch industry chain must pay attention to

IC companies with early layout on touch screen have made a lot of profits, and also gave birth to many small and medium-sized touch screen manufacturers

with the tablet computer and public equipment, as well as the industry demand for touch screen, different IC companies will get opportunities in different fields. Touch screen integration manufacturers and panel enterprises, as well as LCD display manufacturers, will have opportunities in the upcoming explosion of tablet computer, large screen, electronic whiteboard and multimedia terminal application market. See and grasp. As the total capacity of the touch market will gradually increase in the next few years, equipment manufacturers and material suppliers need to pay attention to the positioning of enterprises in the transformation. If the positioning is accurate and the timing is good, there should be more opportunities

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