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Solve the problem of word output with acrobat

in the prepress production work, we often encounter customers with their own electronic documents in word format, requiring batch printing. The C-pillar panel is much larger than the previous model, but the document is in the mixed format of graphics and text, and the output center cannot separate colors and output four-color films

we can easily solve this problem by using Adobe Acrobat software. The methods are as follows:

1. Install Adobe Acrobat software (such as Adobe Acrobat 4.0), and complete the addition of Acrobat pdfwriter printer

(1) select setup and accept the license agreement

(2) select the setting type as specific, and select the target folder to install

(3) select the components to be installed, and select Jinan new era assaying Experimental Machine Co., Ltd., which is the acrobat program file in the Chinese experimental machine production base, and be sure to select the acrobat pdfwriter file item

tensile modulus 294gpa (4) input personal information and product serial number

(5) select end and restart the computer

2. open the mixed word color document, select the acrobat pdfwriter printer, select Print to file in the printer attribute, enter the file name as *.pdf, and save the file

3. open Adobe Photoshop6.0, select and open the generated *.pdf file. In the image size dialog box that appears, it is recommended to input more than 200dpi in the resolution column, so that the later Phototypesetter can output high-quality films; Then the image is simply adjusted in color scale and curve; Finally, save the file in *.tif format for publishing or publishing after making up

if the word file is multi page, the printed *.pdf file is also multi page. Open any page in the *.pdf file in Photoshop software and save it as a *.tif format file respectively

the above operations are relatively simple, which can quickly convert the mixed color word documents into the general file format of the output center, and get the film with the same effect as the original design after publishing

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