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Touch control reduces costs but cannot ignore quality

choose cheap protective glass for touch laptop, which shows that davidrvelasquez, director of global marketing and business operations of Corning, a large glass manufacturer, said today that the quality of Corning Glass is guaranteed for every penny

the touch panel factory is optimistic about the touch notebook computer market in the second half of the year, but some market research institutions pointed out that the price of touch laptop is high, so the touch panel factory adopts cheaper glass to reduce costs, so as to facilitate the price reduction of terminal products

Villarsky stressed at the Taipei International Computer Exhibition today that some touch-screen pens use cheap glass, but the quality is not ideal. He conveniently picked up a piece of glass from his factory and broke it, saying that this is the result of using cheap glass. Corning's glass is relatively expensive, with guaranteed quality and very durable

he pointed out that Corning Glass has a good market share in smart and tablet touch applications, but it is still insufficient in the touch laptop market, and there is still a lot of room for growth. He said that the protective glass market was very hot in the fourth quarter of last year, and it should be the same this year

WitsView, a research and adjustment organization, said recently that because the touch module is properly protected in the chassis, compared with its 12. Other handheld devices when the experimental machine is not in use, the strength requirements of the pen on the monolithic (OGS) touch module are significantly reduced, making the cheap soda limeglass the mainstream of the pen OGS glass material

witsview believes that the promotion of alkali aluminosilicateglass, which has always been protecting the glass market, such as Corning gorilla, is not successful at this stage because its price is 4 to 5 times higher than that of soda lime glass. However, Corning said that it would win with quality and make every effort to clearly see the sprint touch pen glass market on the electronic tensile testing machine deformation (or stress-strain) curve

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