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When iron and steel encounter network, it will hit a "transformation spark"

when iron and steel encounter mouse and network, what kind of spark will it hit? Recently, Shanghai Iron and steel trading center was inaugurated to provide one-stop services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the iron and steel industry, and strive to form "Shanghai price" and "Shanghai standard" for steel trading and services. Interestingly, the center is 90% owned by Baosteel Group. Why is a large enterprise engaged in steel manufacturing more and more actively involved in the service industry? It turned out that in recent years, "from manufacturing to service" has become one of Baosteel's important transformation strategies

In fact, the transformation of Baosteel is precisely the epitome of Shanghai's efforts to promote industrial restructuring and maintain sustained and healthy economic development. Monitoring from authoritative departments showed that the overall economic operation of Shanghai in the first half of the year was stable and orderly, with progress made in stability. At the beginning of the year, Shanghai set an expected target of GDP growth of about 7.5%, and the growth in the first half of the year was within the expected target range at the beginning of the year, which was better than that in the same period last year. It is particularly gratifying that the tertiary industry continues to play the role of "leader" in Shanghai's economic growth

the inevitable choice of transformation

in recent years, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms have sprung up, and the business scale and market influence have expanded rapidly. However, in the steel industry, e-commerce business is only focused on information, and trading is still dominated by traditional methods

Baosteel keenly captured the opportunities contained therein. "Although the steel industry provides semi-finished products, not end products, there are so many suppliers and users in this industry, and we hope to create a new era for the industry." Said XuLeJiang, the head of Baosteel

more importantly, for Baosteel, the traditional elements on which the industrialization development model relies, such as land, labor, environment and so on, no longer have the conditions for sustainable development, and the business cost continues to rise, which also makes the existing development model more and more impossible

how to break through? Baosteel is determined to build a national and industrial steel spot trading platform, promote industrial integration and circulation reform, and improve the efficiency of steel circulation and the level of steel service industry. Therefore, "touch" is logical

The practice of Baosteel also provides a "sample" for Shanghai's economic transformation, that is, relying on manufacturing industry to vigorously develop producer services, which is also an inevitable choice for Shanghai to accelerate the development of modern service industry. According to preliminary estimates, in the first half of the year, the value-added of industries whose start or stop buttons did not work in Shanghai's tertiary industry increased by about 10% year-on-year, about 5.5 percentage points faster than the industrial value-added. The proportion of the value-added of tertiary industry in the city's GDP remained at more than 60%, and its contribution to economic growth exceeded 70%. At the same time, Shanghai's economy has also greatly reduced its dependence on high energy consuming industries such as heavy chemical industry, labor-intensive industries and real estate

service industry quality improvement

nowadays, the development of Shanghai is in a new critical period

generally speaking, a country or region's service industry output accounts for 50% of its GDP, which means that the industrial structure begins to be dominated by the service economy; When the proportion reaches 60%, it is considered to basically form an industrial structure dominated by the service economy. Last year, the added value of Shanghai's tertiary industry exceeded the important level of 60% of GDP for the first time. In the first half of this year, we firmly stood on this stage. Therefore, it can be considered that the mode of economic development in Shanghai is undergoing a fundamental change. Researchers 1 have been studying 3D printing with sub millimeter complex structures

while the number is increasing, the quality of the service industry is also improving. In the past, among the modern service industries in Shanghai, the financial industry with a high proportion did not have strong agglomeration and radiation links with other industries. Now this situation has changed a lot

taking Baosteel as an example, they hope to enhance the voice of China's steel industry in the international market through the exploration of Shanghai steel trading center. In the view of Baosteel people, the price index is the voice of price. If a production-oriented enterprise has a say in upstream raw materials and downstream finished products, and has the ability to finance, there is no doubt that this enterprise has a huge space for development

similarly, at the beginning of this month, the night trading of gold and silver futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange was officially launched. The trading volume of the main contracts of gold and silver futures rose sharply that night, with an increase of 144% and 32% respectively. This also means that the price authority of Shanghai Futures Exchange will be more international, and the financial industry will play a better role in serving the real economy. There are more and more such examples. (Wenhui)

innovation driven transformation

of course, the road of innovation driven, transformation and development in Shanghai cannot be smooth, so we must grit our teeth, dare to take responsibility, and be good at taking responsibility

from the perspective of practice, on the one hand, the overall economic operation in the first half of the year was better than expected, achieving "more than half the time and more than half the task", but the potential risks such as the decline of consumption growth and the continuous negative growth of imports and exports began to accumulate; On the other hand, a number of reform pilots have achieved initial results, and major opportunities represented by the construction of China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone are in front of us

in this regard, it is understood that sun Lijian, a professor at the school of economics of Fudan University, analyzed the economic growth trajectory of the past 30 years. During the past 30 years, Shanghai has experienced 14 years of low-speed economic development, with an average annual growth rate of 7.3%, 2 percentage points lower than the national level, and the urban function adjustment period, transforming from a traditional industrial and commercial city to an economic center city. However, through further reform and opening up, innovation and transformation, Shanghai's economy has achieved double-digit growth for 16 consecutive years

facing the new critical period, Shanghai can also make a difference and become a good pacesetter. Shanghai must rely on the construction of "four centers", vigorously develop modern service industry, accelerate the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure with innovation as the driving force

an important indicator of a city's international competitiveness is industry. If the industry is strong, the city is strong; If the industry is oriented to the future, the power of the city is surging

Baosteel and its main industry, iron and steel, used to be one of the important symbols of Shanghai's industrial economy. Now, Baosteel has begun to face the future and make decisions. The "touch" action shows Baosteel's courage and determination to promote the transformation and development to the service industry. Like Baosteel, Shanghai's economic development is also facing opportunities and challenges, and all walks of life have to face difficult choices. Shanghai should continue to focus on the role of the service industry, especially the modern service industry, in the improvement of urban functions, and improve the quality and quantity in an all-round, multi perspective and wide range. In the future, the service industry will become the best "business card" for the development of Shanghai

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