The hottest steel plant continued to rise crazily

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Steel mills are rising crazily, continuing or soaring! Steel prices hit a new high in March

on the 28th, the spot market price was consolidated as a whole. With good expectations, prices have been rising for days after the Spring Festival, while terminal demand has not been substantially released, and the market has shown a trend of unlimited empty inflation. After the price rises, the transaction volume decreases continuously, which shows that the business operation is more rational

at present, the inventory of steel mills is low, and the willingness to support prices is strong, which also brings support to the spot market. On the 28th, the snail remained high and fluctuated, and the billet price rose slightly by 10 to 3730 yuan/ton. Before the demand is released, the short-term market price is expected to be consolidated

in terms of ordinary steel

demand is poor, steel billets are strong, and the national building materials market is volatile.

on the 28th, the price of rebar in 25 major cities across the country fluctuated narrowly. Among them, the price of rebar in Wuhan and Chengdu increased by 10 yuan/ton, while the price of rebar in Fuzhou, Nanchang, Changsha and other three cities fell by 30 yuan/ton, and most cities operated steadily

according to historical experience, the weekly demand is in a slow climbing period after the Spring Festival, and the trading volume will be released at least after the Lantern Festival. In the absence of effective and real demand support, the frequent and substantial market increases have no advantages or disadvantages. In addition, Ningwu new materials is a national high-tech enterprise, and the steel plant is about to issue a new order price. The market inflation may raise the cost of ordering new resources. For this reason, the market returns to rationality, but confidence is still there. The 28 day snail is still above 4000, Tangshan billet rises 10 to 3730 yuan/ton, and the short-term building materials market may operate in shock

the price of cold and hot rolling is mixed, and there is little room for decline.

on the 28th, the hot rolling price in 24 major cities across the country was consolidated and operated. The national average price of 3.0 hot rolled coil was 4298 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and the national average price of 4.75 hot rolled coil was 4245 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. On the 28th, the futures market fluctuated, the market wait-and-see mood increased, and the quotations of merchants were consolidated in a narrow range. At present, the market demand has not improved significantly, and the downturn in transactions has led to a slight loosening of prices. However, considering the cost factor, there is little room for price decline. In addition, on the 28th, the market price of steel billet increased by 10 yuan/ton, and the current price of carbon billet is 3730 yuan/ton. Overall, it is expected that the hot rolling market price will fluctuate tomorrow

on the 28th, the national cold rolling price fell slightly. Price: 1.0 the national average cold rolling price is 4835 yuan/ton, which is 8 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous working day. In terms of main market prices: the quotation of 1.0mm WISCO coil in Shanghai market is 4720 yuan/ton, the quotation of 1.0mm Angang coil in Guangzhou market is 4860 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 1.0mm Angang Tiantie coil in Tianjin market is 4730 yuan/ton, a decrease of 30 yuan/ton from yesterday. Nanjing will be reduced by 10 yuan/ton, Beijing and Tianjin by 30 yuan/ton, and Shijiazhuang by 150 yuan/ton. Market: due to the rapid rise in prices after the holiday, but weak transactions and slow start-up of demand, the downstream will basically start construction after the 15th day of the first month, leading to the fall in prices in some regions. On the whole, it is expected that the cold rolling price will fluctuate in a narrow range tomorrow

shipments weakened, short-term medium and heavy plate high shock

at present, Tangshan billet rose slightly by 10 to 3730 yuan/ton on the 28th, and the domestic medium and heavy plate market price was consolidated. The market price in Nanjing, Guangzhou and Kunming increased by 10 yuan; The market price in Zhengzhou and Beijing fell by 20 yuan. According to statistics, the price of 20mm medium plate in 24 major markets across the country was reported at 4275 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday's price. The high level of the date snail fluctuated. With the price rising for days, the market trading atmosphere was general, and transactions continued to decrease. However, the steel mills are still actively supporting the price, and the arrival cost of merchants is high, and they are not willing to reduce the price for sales. It is expected that the short-term market price will be mainly volatile

small horizontal consolidation of section steel, strong willingness to support prices

on the 28th, the domestic section steel market prices were horizontal consolidation, a few regional high pullbacks, and most markets took a wait-and-see attitude. First of all, from the current point of view, as the price has been rising slightly in the past two days, the demand side has not followed up enough, so the transaction after the price rise is not optimistic. Secondly, due to the impact of inventory, businesses with relatively more resources are more willing to ship under the current profitable situation, so the price remains consolidated and shipped. Although the futures market in late trading fluctuated, the current spot cost and the price support of steel enterprises are still strong, so it is expected that the domestic steel market price will maintain a sideways consolidation operation tomorrow

steel pipes rose and fell, and traders' psychological preferences

domestic steel pipe prices rose and fell on the 28th. According to varieties, the national average price of welded pipe 4-inch *3.75mm was 4510 yuan/ton, down 2 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; Galvanized pipe 4 inches *3.75mm, the national average price is 5252 yuan/ton, down 1 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The national average price of 108*4.5mm seamless pipe is 5419 yuan/ton, up 16 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. In terms of pipe factories, the ex factory prices of Tianjin Youfa and Lida are reduced by 20 yuan/ton, the ex factory prices of Juncheng are reduced by 50 yuan/ton, and the hot rolling quotation of Linyi mainstream seamless pipe factories is 4950 yuan/ton. In terms of welded pipes and galvanized pipes, the overall market transactions are good, and the regional transactions vary greatly. Most traders are consciously reducing inventory and reducing risks. In terms of seamless pipes, market transactions have improved. Supported by the cost side, pipe factories have a strong willingness to support prices. Most traders are low-cost resources and have a preference for mentality. It is expected that the steel pipe market price will fluctuate and adjust the operation tomorrow

raw materials

iron ore: in the morning of the 28th, the quotation of iron ore traders was slightly reduced by 5 yuan/ton compared with yesterday, and the market trading sentiment was poor. The mainstream quotation of Pb powder in Shandong is 555 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of Pb powder in Tangshan is 560 yuan/ton. Although the quotation is reduced, the bargaining space is narrowed, and the willingness to ship Pb less than 550 in Shandong is not strong. In terms of steel mills, the transaction of downstream products is blocked, and the enthusiasm for raw material procurement is not strong. Only a few steel mills with insufficient stock replenishment years ago have a slight demand. In the afternoon, the market continued to weaken, with light transactions throughout the day, and the transaction price fell steadily

coke: on the 28th, the spot price of domestic coke market was stable, medium and strong. At present, the mainstream transaction price of secondary metallurgical coke in Shanxi coke market is yuan/ton, the price of quasi primary metallurgical coke is yuan/ton, and the price of primary coke is yuan/ton, all of which are factory acceptance prices including tax; At present, the first round of price increases after the festival has not been fully implemented in the national mainstream market. Most steel mills are still on the sidelines. Compared with the previous period, the inventory pressure of coke enterprises has been greatly relieved, and their mentality is more optimistic; At present, although the coke inventory in the steel plant is relatively high, the resumption of blast furnace production in mid March may be in demand, and the resistance to this round of price rise is weak. Port traders' reluctance to sell is still strong, and downstream inquiries are active. It is expected that the coke market will continue to run stronger tomorrow

scrap: scrap market on the 28th: the price continues to be stable and strong, and the market resources in most regions are tight, and the transaction is slightly weak. North China scrap Market: continued to strengthen, partially rising. Steel plant weight a includes tax but does not include tax; East China scrap Market: continue the rising trend; The current market does not include tax: heavy waste, medium waste, small waste, galvanized material, silicon steel sheet, iron filings; It is expected that the scrap market price will continue to rise steadily this year and next

special steel

structural steel: the price of structural steel nationwide was generally stable on the 28th. The market price of structural steel in Hangzhou is temporarily 3 Screw speed control: stable. At present, the mainstream quotation of HANGGANG 45# carbon circle is 4530 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of Huaigang is 4520 yuan/ton; Considering that a new round of price policy of Huaigang is about to be introduced, the market is expected to increase 45 . The market price of structural steel in Wenzhou rose slightly by 10 yuan/ton on the 28th. Now HANGGANG 45# carbon knot yuan is 4640 yuan/ton, and Yuanli is 4570 yuan/ton. It is understood that at present, large households are in tons, small households are in tons, and there are still small batches on the way. In view of the fact that some mainstream special steel mills have raised prices one after another, and the market terminal demand has not been fully released, the current market price is mainly supplemented. It is expected that the market price of structural steel in Wenzhou will remain stable and stronger in the short term

hot rolled tube blank: on the 28th, the National hot rolled tube blank was temporarily stable. Shandong tube billet market is stable and wait-and-see. Now 20 × hot-rolled tube billet steel mills directly send quotations: Shandong Luli 4320 yuan/ton, Linyi Jiangxin 4310 yuan/ton. The transaction performance was very good in the process of price rise a few days ago. Yesterday, terminal procurement was slightly tired, and the transaction began to cool down, but most businesses believe that the probability of price decline is small at present, and they will continue to take the lead after short-term flat adjustment. Jiangsu tube blank market consolidation. At present, the quotation of 20 × hot rolled tube billets is 4570/ton for Huaigang and 4550/ton for Zhongtian; The market transaction performance weakened, the confidence was slightly affected, and some merchants' quotations tended to be reasonable. Huaigang raised 180 yuan/ton in early March, which is still relatively strong and the short-term market is relatively stable

industrial roundness: on the 28th, the market price of national industrial roundness is bound to make domestic demand weaker and more stable. The market price of Jiangsu Industrial Park is temporarily stable. Changzhou: on the 28th, the Q235B industry in the local market was generally stable. Now the mainstream quotation of Dongfang special steel was 4390 yuan/ton, that of Hubei steel was 4390 yuan/ton, and that of Zhongtian was 4420 yuan/ton. Yesterday, the market shipment was ok, and the large household shipment was about 40 tons. Nanjing: on the 28th, the mainstream quotation of Nangang industrial Puyuan was 4550 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday. It is expected that the market price will rise steadily in the short term

steel plant price adjustment

on the 28th, a steel plant across the country released price adjustment information, which adjusted the steel price by 30-50 yuan/ton

daily review of futures

on the 28th, domestic black commodity futures were affected by the exit of profit taking, and the overall reduction callback should have a broader industry perspective and forward-looking. Among them, finished materials are relatively strong, with limited decline; Iron ore followed by a slight decline; Double focus is the weakest, with a large decline. Specifically, the black series ushered in a collective correction on the 28th, and the adjustment of double focus is more obvious due to the recent large increase; In terms of finished materials, the market trend is relatively stable, and the futures market is also relatively stable. From a technical point of view, take futures snails as an example: on the 28th, futures snails generally revolved around 4020, with a high-level shock consolidation trend and small fluctuations. From the perspective of disk, on the 28th day, the transaction closed at the low negative line, and the transaction volume was reduced again significantly. The short-term remained above 4000, and the high level fluctuated. The above suggestions for operation: short every high, and pay attention to positions

short term market forecast

on the 28th, black series commodity futures mainly fell in shock, of which the double focus fell significantly, and the rest fell slightly. From the perspective of position change, except for the large reduction of iron ore, the rest of the varieties increased and reduced their positions slightly, and the market entered a narrow range shock and was ready to take off. In terms of spot goods, although the billet rose slightly, the transaction did not improve on the 28th, and the trading atmosphere was weak. However, the mentality of businesses has not changed, and the prices of various varieties have been adjusted in a narrow range. Tomorrow, the leading steel mills in East China will introduce the price policy in early March. The market is expected to rise sharply, so it is expected that the domestic steel price will be strong in the short term

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