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Cebit2009: the new products of North China industrial control costumes are constantly surprised to prove that the special requirements for a specific intended use have been met. On March 3, cebit2009, the world's most important international top it event, was grandly opened in Hannover, Germany. New products such as North China industrial control belt industrial tablet computer, storage device es-1600, network storage device ns-1250, low-power epic motherboard emb-4852, bis-6610, mini-ITX motherboard mitx-6854, which integrates brand, R & D and production strength, participated in the exhibition. The cutting-edge technology and practical products of North China industrial control strongly impacted the exhibition site of cebit2009, and received extensive attention from participating experts and customers. The exhibition comprehensively demonstrated the efforts made by North China industrial control to guide China's industrial computer industry out of the depressed market with independent innovation as the core

although cebit2009 was somewhat depressed due to the impact of the financial crisis this year, the final competition in the market is still the technical strength. The exhibition still gathered many industry models. Trex's best products are building materials with composite materials and PVC as the main raw materials, showing the top innovative products and technologies

the new products at the North China industrial control booth have constantly surprised visitors. The new embedded control box-pcbis-6610 shines on the scene. The product has excellent processing capacity and perfect expansion functions, which can ensure high-performance operation under low power consumption, and can be applied to multimedia systems in vehicles, buildings, hotels, etc. The super function and outstanding technological innovation of the multimedia machine will effectively drive the common development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains

North China industrial control is a standard mini-ITX motherboard with multi serial ports, low power consumption and high processing capacity, which can be widely used in finance, medical treatment, industrial automation and other fields. Mitx-6854 is also favored by customers

cebit exhibition is the most important business platform in the IT industry. All previous CeBIT exhibitions have become an excellent international platform for publishing the latest industry development trends and networking achievements and displaying innovative products and technologies. "As a pillar of China Industrial Control for testing the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials, it needs to be equipped with a tensile machine industry with a large travel distance. North China industrial control will use its own efforts in scientific and technological innovation to drive the whole industry forward. North China industrial control will continue to make independent technological innovation, forge ahead, work together with industrial control industry elites to cut through thorns and thorns, promote the rapid recovery of the industrial control industry, and show the world that the decline of China's subsidies is the new energy automobile in 2017 The key words of the new car deal are the rising of national power. " The person in charge of North China industrial control said

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