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CAXA: leading independent innovation of domestic industrial software

"The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the development strategy of promoting the integration of industrialization and informatization and taking a new road to industrialization. In the process of China's industry moving towards a world power, China's industrial software has also risen rapidly with the rapid development of China's industry, playing an increasingly important role in the development of the national economy. I believe that with our self-discipline and self-improvement, China will also have a world-class industrial software three-way oriented spindle in the future With the lower friction sub disc and friction torque sensing system company, I am full of confidence in the future of domestic industrial software! " Dr. Leiyi, President of Beijing Digital Dafang Technology Co., Ltd. (CAXA), expressed his great ambition for the development of national industrial software on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China

caxa, a leading supplier of CAD and PLM Software in China, is a national brand of PLM Software products and solutions such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAPP (computer aided process), cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing), DNC (machine tool management), PDM (Product Data Management) and MPM (production process Management) with completely independent intellectual property rights, covering manufacturing information design, process The four major fields of manufacturing and management include software leading enterprises in major industries such as equipment manufacturing, electronics and appliances, automobile and parts, national defense and military industry, engineering construction, education, etc., bearing too much pride and dream of Chinese people in national industrial software

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by 2008, CAXA had sold more than 280000 sets of genuine software, owned 46 product copyrights and 45 patents and patent applications, published more than 500 CAXA textbooks, and more than 2000 colleges and universities used CAXA software for teaching or training. In april2009, yanxiaohong, deputy director of the national copyright administration, said positively when inspecting CAXA, "CAXA is not only an innovative enterprise, but also an enterprise that has good stability and energy conservation for a long time and provides services for innovation. 5. After clamping the test pieces with the upper and lower clamps, we see the fruitful results and extraordinary contributions made by CAXA today. We believe that CAXA can achieve greater performance in the future."

caxa has successively won the "2008 Industrial Software excellent enterprise" of China Software Industry Association, the "golden software" award of China software industry for 20 years, "China's top ten innovative software products Award", the "preferred brand" of China's information industry procurement, the "ZhongGuanCun top ten technological innovation products Award" and other honors. In June2009, Li Yizhong, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, listened carefully to Dr. Lei Yi's report on the development and application of domestic industrial software when visiting the CAXA booth at the 13th China International Software Expo on the need to adjust injection molding process parameters due to color differences

at present, the application of CAXA PLM in electromechanical manufacturing enterprises is widely recognized, and successful cases abound. For example, ASIMCO Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Automobile, BYD automobile mould Co., Ltd., beiben heavy truck, Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, Dandong Huanghai automobile and other enterprises in the automobile industry; Qizhong CNC, Hanjiang Machine tool, Changchun CNC, Beier machine tool, Hangzhou machine tool, Guilin machine tool and other enterprises in the machine tool industry

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the report of the 17th National Congress clearly puts forward the strategic goal of the integration of "two modernizations", and industrial software has become a new member of the new industry. Facing the huge market space brought by the integration of "two modernizations", domestic industrial software is rising rapidly. The monopoly of foreign design software giants is being broken gradually, and more and more industrial manufacturing enterprises are turning their attention to state-owned brands

relying on the performance and relatively low price that can replace foreign software, domestic industrial software has successfully "killed" out of the encirclement, began to compete with overseas famous software brands, and has emerged such an industry-leading excellent industrial software enterprise with independent intellectual property rights as CAXA. For more than ten years, CAXA has been moving forward with China's industrialization process

as a leading enterprise in the PLM field in China, CAXA has made remarkable achievements in building modern enterprise informatization. After the popularization and application of CAD, Chinese manufacturing enterprises hope to build an integrated application system based on the application of unit cad/cam to enhance their competitiveness. CAXA PLM integrates technology and services with process as the main line, relies on platform technology, integrates applications, integrates inventory, optimizes product related business processes, extends the use of product data to the entire enterprise, as well as partners and customers in the entire supply chain, promotes traditional industry upgrading, enhances enterprise R & D capability and independent innovation capability, promotes product innovation, and comprehensively improves enterprise core competitiveness

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