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CCTV reports on the impact of carton price rise on agricultural products and enterprises' Countermeasures release date: Source: Carton micro vision editor: Yu Jia browsing times: 4108 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: CCTV agricultural channel has taken a close look at the problem of carton price rise. Since October 2016, the soaring price of base paper has disrupted the original rhythm of the carton processing plant and sharply increased the business pressure of the enterprise, Let the carton factory complain incessantly. This time, CCTV conducted an in-depth interview from the perspective of carton users. Let's take a look at the report

[China Packaging News] CCTV agricultural channel took a close look at the problem of carton price rise. Since October 2016, the soaring price of base paper has disrupted the original rhythm of carton processing plants, abruptly increased the business pressure of enterprises, and made carton factories complain incessantly. This time, CCTV conducted an in-depth interview from the perspective of carton users. Let's take a look at the report

as an important packaging material for agricultural products, according to Dr. Caomin of the company, what impact will the rise of cartons have on the sales of agricultural products? What are the solutions and measures

with these questions, CCTV agricultural channel went to Hainan, interviewed several agricultural product management enterprises, and made an in-depth investigation on the far-reaching impact of carton price rise on agricultural products, which has an important impact on the world plastic machine market; It is due to the increasing export volume of China's plastic machinery

the impact of carton price rise on Hainan agricultural products

huangzelong, purchasing manager of Shenzhen Shentian Fruit Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province:

today, cartons have risen a lot. Now a carton costs 8 yuan, an increase of about 2 yuan over last year. Now, for every truck of watermelon shipped away, the cost will increase by about 6000 yuan. If 100 trucks are used a year, the number is not small, and the cost will increase by 600000 yuan

Xiefulin, general manager of Hainan Fulin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.:

the price of cartons has risen too much. In the past, a carton cost about 4 yuan, but now it has risen to more than 8 yuan. However, we can't follow the price rise. Last year, we signed a supply contract with a large supplier. The price is fixed, and the source of our base has to bear the cost of cartons, which has increased a lot of costs, The profit margin is much lower

let me make a simple calculation. We will have ten thousand kilograms of fruit a month, that is, 40 cabinets and a refrigerator car. It will cost about tenthousand yuan more, and at least 5million yuan more a year

chensi, general manager of Haikou guohuiyou Trading Co., Ltd.:

2017 saw an increase of about 2 yuan for one carton, which is too much for us. We sold Hainan pineapples through our circle of friends, about 30000 pieces a year, so the annual cost of price increase increased by about 60000 yuan

fengtuiyuan, general manager of Hainan Chengmai Yifeng packaging products Co., Ltd.:

cartons have soared all the way from March. The most prominent thing is that in September 2017, the price of paper mills rose by 200 yuan, 300 yuan and 500 yuan in three days and two ends. In September alone, the price of paper mills rose by nearly 1000 yuan a ton

fujunwei, Executive Secretary General of Hainan agricultural e-commerce industry association:

more than 2 million mu of fruits and vegetables such as mango, banana, watermelon, pitaya and pepper are planted in Hainan all year round. The demand for 100 million cartons in the island every year is a very huge market. The price rise of packaging cartons directly increases the cost of Hainan agricultural products sales. As long as a carton is slightly increased by one yuan, it will generate a cost of 100 million yuan, an increase of three yuan, That is the cost of billion yuan. Therefore, the surge in raw materials of cartons will have an obvious impact on Hainan

the prices of some cartons have doubled this year, and most of them have risen by 70%-80%. The current situation of our carton factory can not keep up with the rise of raw materials, because if you want to keep up with this pace, customers will resist our products

in Hainan, agricultural products are a big packaging enterprise, but at the same time, they are also a small profit industry. If the price of cartons rises too fast, it will lead to the loss of customers. This is something that any carton manufacturer would not like to see. Now we have no way to adapt. We can only tap some of our internal potential, reduce costs to the point that we can guarantee the principal, or let our enterprise survive. That's good

Mr. zhangyaoquan, executive deputy director and Secretary General of the China packaging and paper board committee:

corrugated paper used to be about 2400 yuan a ton, but now it is more than 5000 yuan, nearly 6000 yuan. The price increase has more than doubled. The cost of base paper accounts for 70% of the cost of cartons. Therefore, the price of cartons has increased by 40%-50% on average from a national perspective due to the sharp increase in base paper

one is the packaging of agricultural and sideline products, and the other is express packaging. These two pieces are growing by more than 10% every year, accounting for 20%-30% of the paper packaging industry

in my opinion, the increase in the price of base paper has a great impact on our paper packaging industry, as well as on downstream industries. However, the increase in the price of base paper should promote the recycling and reuse of cartons, and some industries should promote the development of new materials

Xiefulin, general manager of Hainan Fulin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.:

the cost pressure caused by the rise in the price of cartons on agricultural products is obvious. As cartons are too expensive, some customers who do not have requirements use plastic baskets to replace cartons. A plastic basket can hold more than 30 kilograms, and the price is only more than 4 yuan. Compared with a carton with a unit price of 8 yuan for 10 kilograms, it really saves a lot of money, However, the price in the terminal market is also greatly reduced, and the brand value is also sacrificed. In fact, I am not willing to use plastic baskets to replace cartons, but there is no way. Originally, packaging with cartons would reflect the grade of our pitaya, but now because the cost of cartons is too expensive, I can only use plastic baskets first

CHEN Si, general manager of Haikou guohuiyou Trade Co., Ltd.:

like xiefulin, CHEN Si, a wechat merchant, has also started to use foam boxes instead of cartons, which are cheaper than cartons and can save some costs

Xiejun, director of the packaging factory of Hainan nine girls agricultural Co., Ltd.:

in 2017, when the price of cartons was high, we introduced an automatic carton forming equipment. Like the ordinary Tiandi lid, if one person folds boxes in an hour, three people can fold them to about 300. However, our machine is also managed by three people. It can be done in an hour. This equipment is not only efficient, The boxes produced also have obvious characteristics in saving materials. The heaven and earth covers have two layers. We only need one layer below. If a container of goods goes out, the cost of light cartons will be saved by one third, which is a hard profit

fujunwei, Executive Secretary General of Hainan agricultural e-commerce industry association:

some reduce costs through substitution, while others reduce costs through "sharing". Where is the mystery of this box

there is a two-dimensional code on this box. It is not the origin of the carton or the origin of the fruit, but an advertisement on the client side of Hainan and Nanhai. Hainan gives us an advertising fee of one yuan. In this way, the customer's purchase cost of the carton is virtually reduced. 100000 boxes printed with advertisements have been made this year. The effect is very good, and there is a demand to expand the distribution in the society

there is also a local real estate company that pays packaging fees. You don't have to pay a penny. You can use my packaging. Of course, the premise is that your fruit must be good, which means that the packaging is free

shipengfei, deputy general manager of Beijing Suning Logistics Co., Ltd.:

in order to reduce express waste and save costs, Suning logistics launched the "shared express box" in early 2017, which was used in some express products. In the past, it was packed in cartons. In order to save costs, it is now replaced with the overall packaging box "shared express box". The current cost price is 25 yuan, which can be recycled for more than 1000 times, From the perspective of cost, the cost price of each carton is about 0.3 yuan, but the cost of our express shared box is reduced to 0.025 yuan each time

at present, 50000 such shared boxes have been put into use. Through the use of these 50000 shared boxes nationwide, we have saved about 6.5 million cartons at the end, which are used as composite materials in a variety of lightweight products

although it seems that the small recyclable express box can not meet the requirements for transporting agricultural products, the effect of saving resources has been shown. We will continue to optimize the product level. On the other hand, in terms of the material of the whole express box, we will also use a degradable material to replace the current plastic material to reduce environmental pollution

according to statistics, with the vigorous development of e-commerce in China, the number of packages in China is amazing. In 2016, the express business volume in China exceeded 30billion pieces, and the corrugated box base paper used behind it reached 46million tons, accounting for one third of the total consumption in the world. In 2017, the number of garbage generated by express delivery in China will reach 40billion pieces

the price rise has forced industrial upgrading. Although it will cause difficulties for some enterprise operators at present, it may not be a good thing in the long run

CCTV's views on agriculture, rural areas and farmers:

the sharp rise in carton prices has brought huge cost pressure to some agricultural products with low profits. With the improvement of agricultural marketization and industrialization, the industrial chain related to agriculture has also been lengthening. How to control these links to transmit cost pressure to agriculture has also become a problem that needs to be dealt with scientifically, How to run traditional enterprises by means of equity participation, let agricultural production subjects participate in the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and make more use of straw and other raw materials to produce packaging products, which can increase the industrial voice of agricultural production subjects to a certain extent and help reduce costs

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