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CCP invests in the resin project for powder coatings in North America

ccp invests in the resin project for powder coatings in North America

june 5, 2002

co with the improvement of technical level, OK composite materials/polymers company (CCP) entered the North American powder coatings market with a capital investment of US $13million. The company is building a resin plant for polyester powder coating in Kansas City, Missouri, where its headquarters is located, with a production capacity of 30million ib/a. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in August 2002. It is said that the capacity of the device still has room for expansion

device is put into operation, CCP can provide liquid resin and solid resin to the coating manufacturer. The goal of CCP is to become a perfect coating industry supply company, and the construction of the above devices is one of the measures to achieve this goal

due to the sluggish U.S. economy, some people in the industry raised questions about CCP's action to build new devices. However, CCP believes that the coating market is generally bleak and stagnant, but the powder coating is growing. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of

is 7%~10%;. More polyester powder is used, with an estimated annual growth rate of 9%~10%; The annual growth rate of epoxy powder is 3%~4%. The company pointed out that 12 years ago, it decided to build a device that was gradually repeated by the economies of the Middle East and African countries. The adopted production technology, such as

is not better than that of all competitors, and it should also reach the advanced level

problems also follow. It is estimated that the average annual sales volume of powder coatings in North America is 350million to 400million IB, the product price is $2.5/lb, and the annual revenue of

is 875million to $1billion

the sales volume and amount distribution of various powder coatings in North America are as follows: epoxy accounts for 15%, epoxy/polyester mixture accounts for 37%, poly

ester/hydroxyl compound accounts for 25%, polyester/polyurethane or polyester hydroxyl products account for 21%, and acrylic acid accounts for 2%. The above three parts involving

polyester accounted for 83% of the total sales of powder coatings, with sales of 726.3 million to 830 million US dollars. Among them, the sales of

bayer/ruco accounted for 42.8%, ranking first in North America. The following are in sequence: DSM sales accounted for 28.7%, UCB sales

accounted for 21.4%, and mcwhorter/easeman sales accounted for 7.1%

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