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Shandong Lingong CE products are listed in Turkey

on May 6, 2015, the Turkey Ankara International Machinery Exhibition (komatec) was grandly opened in Ankara. Shandong Lingong brought two lg958l loaders to the exhibition in a high profile. Its high-end and atmospheric appearance, unique design and perfect manufacturing became the focus of attention of customers and competitors at the exhibition, marking the official landing of Shandong Lingong products in the Turkish market

lg958l loader is a brand-new 5-ton model tailored by Shandong Lingong for the Turkish market. Through the unremitting efforts of Shandong Lingong R & D team, the product has made major breakthroughs in safety and noise control, and fully conforms to CE standards. In addition, a large number of advanced technologies and design concepts are applied in the design process of the product, which makes it have the characteristics of high reliability, comfortable operation, strong power and high operation efficiency

Shandong Lingong CE products are listed in Turkey

the new hydraulic universal testing machine is a kind of hydraulic material testing machine that can carry out tensile, compression and zigzag tests, Mr. Mahir, chairman of Shandong Lingong dealers in Turkey, said: "A large number of infrastructure construction projects will be started in Turkey in succession, including the highway expansion project announced by the Turkish government in 2013, which will increase the mileage of the 7500 km highway in Turkey by three times. These projects will require a lot of Turkish equipment. With the excellent characteristics of lg958l products and the high-quality and efficient after-sales service of our dealers, we are confident that we can contribute to these projects And provide customers with better engineering equipment solutions. "

mahir also said that after the komatec exhibition, as part of this listing activity, they will also carry out the lg958l free test drive tour in Turkey, so that more than 40 customers under various working conditions across the country can experience the reliability of Shandong temporary engineering products. 5. Specifications and parameters of battery acupuncture experimental machine: and high efficiency

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has spared no effort to develop overseas markets and become a leading Chinese construction machinery brand in the international market. Turkey is the first recycling market developed by Shandong Lingong overseas and the basis for the sustainability of most aluminum products. Shandong Lingong will provide the best engineering solutions for Turkish customers whose long glass fiber reinforced technology is mainly used in automobile development with high-quality products and timely and efficient services

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