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CEC and Rainbow Electronics have developed the tablet industry chain in depth. China electronic information industry group, the largest state-owned IT enterprise in China (hereinafter referred to as "CEC"), continues to layout its seven business segments in depth, especially the tablet display industry

cec an insider recently disclosed to leading finance and economics that CEC is in close contact with Rainbow Electronics (), the largest picture tube manufacturer in China, and is preparing to acquire Rainbow Electronics. A preliminary agreement on the acquisition has been signed and is awaiting the approval of the national competent authorities. The insider said that the main purpose of CEC's acquisition of Rainbow Electronics is to develop the flat panel industry chain in depth. The glass substrate and OLED businesses that Rainbow Electronics is developing are just the missing links in the flat panel industry chain constructed by CEC. However, the insider did not disclose the way CEC acquired Rainbow Electronics and the timetable for the acquisition

a senior engineer of Rainbow Electronics Company told this newspaper yesterday that there is indeed similar news within the company, but it seems that it has not reached the operational level, and may take action next year. However, the relevant person in charge of Rainbow electronic office made it clear that he had not heard of the matter, and CEC spokesman Zhou Jian also made it clear that he had not heard of the news

Rainbow Electronics has invested in the 6th generation liquid crystal glass substrate projects in Hefei and Zhangjiagang through the financing of its holding subsidiary rainbow shares for many times. In addition to the 5th generation liquid crystal glass substrate project previously invested in Xianyang, Rainbow Electronics is very excited and proud to have achieved good results in the field of liquid crystal glass substrates through the production of special engineering materials in India and the strengthening of sales and the placement of technicians. In the first half of this year, rainbow Co., Ltd. also invested in the construction of generation 8.5 LCD glass substrate production line project, looking forward to supporting the glass substrate project for Guangzhou LGD or Shenzhen csot. In addition, Rainbow Electronics is also vigorously expanding the OLED panel industry

In 2015 and 2020, the total direct and indirect sales will reach 4 × Us5billion yuan ≈ us20 billion yuan

the financial report of Rainbow Electronics in the first half of this year shows that the revenue of Rainbow Electronics in the first half of this year was 1.456 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.59%, and the net profit was 56.41 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 441.76%. According to the financial report of Rainbow Electronics in the first half of the year, the company's LCD glass substrate phase I project has signed supply agreements with a number of downstream companies, and began mass supply in June; Some raw samples of LCD glass substrate phase II project: 10 cement mortar blocks 110x110x10mm are plastered on the middle of the two cement mortar blocks with standard slurry paint. The production line has been completed, and the trial production of products of various specifications has been completed, and the yield is steadily rising

"due to the sudden change in the LCD panel market, it is unknown when the generation 8.5 line will be started. Meanwhile, the factory of Asahi nippon, the world's second largest glass substrate manufacturer, has also started construction in Shenzhen, mainly supporting Huaxing optoelectronics." The above insiders said that the above developments mean that rainbow electronics must make more adjustments in the layout of the industrial chain, which has also become the basis for the cooperation between CEC and Rainbow Electronics

cec's CLP panda said that in the strategic layout of CEC group, the focus of CLP panda group is to build two industrial sectors: LCD and electronic equipment. The CLP panda generation 6 panel line put into operation on March 30 was officially put into operation. 4. it has the function of adding power down and is also the second generation 6 LCD panel production line in mainland China after BOE

if CEC succeeds in acquiring Rainbow Electronics, together with the glass substrate and OLED business, CEC will almost cover the whole industry chain of flat panel display. Moreover, the industrial layout of OLED will also eliminate the worry about the future development of the industry chain of flat panel display

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