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CCTV 315 evening party exposure: flammable thermal insulation materials for building exterior walls

CCTV 3.15 evening party last night exposed that Jianghan District, Wuhan city should move the ball support up and down and use flammable external wall thermal insulation agent plain plates for the construction of several residential areas under construction

Zhao he: we say that fire and water are merciless. In recent years, our country has issued a lot of relevant laws and regulations, as well as relevant standards, for the potential fire hazards in our country. The book I have in my hand is the fire protection law of the people's Republic of China, which was implemented on may1,2009. There is also a national standard, code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings, which was implemented on November 1st, 1995. The introduction of these regulations and standards is to enable us to start from the source and take preventive measures. However, during our field investigation, we found that some people in some places were cheating by increasing their battery cost by 43.32%. Their behavior has laid a great hidden danger for our future fire safety

commentary: on November 15, 2010, a 28 story residential building on Yuyao road and Jiaozhou Road in Shanghai caught fire, killing 58 people

explanation: a fire broke out in Shenyang building in February, 2011, which lasted for 10 hours. The building after the fire was beyond recognition

commentary: in recent years, there have been many fires caused by building exterior wall insulation materials all over the country. An investigation has been conducted to determine whether the insulation materials used for building exterior walls are safe and reliable

explanation: This is a community under construction in Jianghan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Workers are nervously carrying out exterior wall insulation construction. It was found that they used a kind of insulation material called agent plain board for construction

: is this fireproof

worker: just a little

explanation: seeing some doubts, the worker picked up the plain plate of general quick dose and didn't expect it. After picking up a piece and clicking it, it not only burns quickly, but also burns very fast. With the rolling black smoke, combustibles continue to drip

explanation: some people are still operating the electric welding machine. The sparks splashed on the newly installed agent plate from time to time, which makes people sweat. The workers are used to such construction

Narration: another residential area in Wuhan is also using this kind of agent board for exterior wall insulation construction. Pick up a piece of discarded leftover to test. The same fire burns bigger and bigger, and it also emits pungent black smoke

explanation: can this kind of one touch insulation material be used at will

explanation: on September 25, 2009, strict regulations were made on the combustion performance level of building external thermal insulation materials. The combustion performance of civil building external thermal insulation materials should be level 9, and should not be lower than level B2

explanation: Class A refers to non combustible materials, and class B2 refers to combustible materials, which is obviously different from flammable materials. It is not easy to ignite under the same conditions, and it is not easy to spread the flame in a short time. Even if ignited, the combustion rate is relatively slow. If the common agent plain board is a flammable product, it will start at one point. Only after treatment can it meet the national minimum requirement of B2

explanation: obviously, the reagent and plain boards used in the two residential areas under construction in Wuhan are not up to the standard

worker: all exterior wall insulation requires combined combustion. You see, the interior is combined combustion, and the price is not the insulation price of combined combustion at all, so why do we make it a combined combustion

explanation: the qualified reagent board is more than twice as high as the flammable one, which will greatly increase the project cost. In Wuhan, it is very common for them to use flammable agent plain board in external wall insulation

yangfenggang: there is no board for group combustion in Wuhan

Narration: Fangyuan thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of hormone board in Wuhan. They produce this kind of hormone board. In the factory area, I saw that there were a lot of hormone boards here. They said that they rarely produced group burning

: do you have a fire proof model

personnel of Fangyuan company: not now

explanation: the agent plate used in the residential area under construction in Jianghan District is produced by Jiangsu Taihe Co., Ltd. the yard of this small company is also full of wrapped agent plate samples

staff: they are all ordinary, not non ordinary

explanation: the staff told them that they rarely produce the combined burning agent board. Besides Wuhan, this agent board also sells well in many parts of the country. Carton compressive strength DX - longitudinal stiffness of corrugated board (Mn · m)

staff: Shandong, Anhui and Zhejiang

commentary: I visited more than ten enterprises and building materials markets in Wuhan for several days, but I couldn't find any agent and vegetable board that met the national standards

staff: there is no flame retardant in the whole market

: there is no flame retardant in your factory now

staff: No

explanation: in addition to the agent plain board, polyurethane is commonly used now, polyurethane "Target=u blank polyurethane has good thermal insulation performance and high price. Ordinary polyurethane is not only flammable, but also the agent plain board is fast.

explanation: the production and use of thermal insulation materials need to be checked and accepted layer by layer, so how do these flammable thermal insulation materials that do not meet the national standards muddle through? Yangfenggang, who is in charge of the thermal insulation project in Caidian District, has revealed the mystery to me. Thermal insulation materials must pass through the construction site first The quality inspection station is never careless about the samples submitted for inspection

yangfenggang: we will take it from Beijing in two days

: isn't this a fake

yangfenggang: that's for sure

explanation: the construction unit plays the game of changing a civet cat into a prince. This mode of operation is common in the industry

zhangsonglin: it can't be seen from the appearance. When people really ask for testing, they can bring back some flame retardant ones. To test, take the flame-retardant test, and use the non flame retardant when it is really used

explanation: in this way, unqualified thermal insulation materials entered the construction site smoothly. In the construction process, the construction party and the thermal insulation material production enterprise should cooperate closely to make a superficial impression

Synch: they all pretend to be. There is no one who can do the exterior wall insulation without pretending

staff: they are like this. If you want flame retardant, we will send you a batch. The batch of flame retardant is placed on the construction site. If you put it here, the delivery is not flame retardant because the price is about the same. When you check it, you will see that it is this product, which is flame retardant

explanation: the whole process from the arrival of materials at the construction site to the acceptance after the completion of the project is under the supervision of the project supervision department

explanation: in several residential areas in Wuhan, what they picked up was not flame retardant. Why did the supervision department turn a blind eye

Synch: anyway, the reports provided to us are all qualified

explanation: the acceptance process after the completion of the project is not difficult for the construction unit

yangfenggang: Wuhan is very tight, mainly in getting through the checkpoints. You see, this work has been done. Party A can't have all the walls chiseled. He will try his best to do it well

explanation: in this way, flammable insulation boards are pasted on the external walls around us, burying hidden dangers

Zhao he: the damage caused by fire is obvious. For example, the fire in Shanghai last year and the accident in Shenyang this year are all due to the consequences of flame retardance of external wall insulation materials

Zhao he: the pace has not stopped. He called on the relevant units to effectively implement the national laws and regulations at every pass. Only by implementing the national laws and regulations can our security be fundamentally guaranteed

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