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CDMA terminals emphasize "diversification" and sell 70million units in 2012. Recently, Chinatelecom held the 2013 Chinatelecom CDMA terminal industry chain annual meeting. Through this annual meeting, Chinatelecom expressed the development idea of an innovative, open and cooperative CDMA terminal industry chain, and realized the full coverage of all segments of terminal products

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for the CDMA industry chain, 2012 is a year of rapid development

according to the data released by Chinatelecom, the sales of CDMA terminals exceeded 70million in 2012. Although this figure is 10million less than the estimated sales volume of Chinatelecom a year ago, the scale of CDMA terminal industry chain partners continues to expand. Wangxiaochu, chairman of Chinatelecom, said that the number of various upstream partners in the CDMA terminal industry chain increased by more than 70 compared with 2011, reaching a total of 483; The number of terminal brands reached 236, an increase of 47 over 2011; There are more than 1500 CDMA terminals on sale, an increase of 36% over 2011

recently, the three major operators released the user data statistics in December 2012. The results show that the total number of new 3G users in China is about 100million, bringing the total number of 3G users to 234million. Among them, Chinatelecom has accumulated 69.05 million 3G users, with 32.76 million new 3G users in 2012

in terms of the market share of 3G users, Chinatelecom accounts for about 30%, which has formed an overall pattern of three parts of the world in the operator market. However, in terms of 3G user penetration, more than 90% of the monthly new users of Chinatelecom in 2012 were 3G users, accounting for 42% as a whole, the highest proportion among the three major operators. It is not easy for Chinatelecom to achieve the current development achievements. Said chenyuping, senior researcher of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology

in depth diversified development at the annual meeting, Wang Xiaochu said that in 2013, China's telecom terminal industry chain will further realize diversified development on the basis of this year. Such diversification is reflected in many aspects

in terms of products, so far, Chinatelecom has not only realized the diversification of mobile operating systems through the iPhone equipped with IOS, Huawei W1 equipped with windows phone8, and a large number of thousand yuan smartphones equipped with Android operating system, but also realized the diversification of C terminal product line, high, medium and low-end products through Samsung, Huawei, Lianxiang and other brands. Moreover, Internet manufacturers including Xiaomi and 100% also joined the C camp, realizing the diversification of terminal products

not only that, the terminal manufacturers also said that they would actively cooperate with Chinatelecom to better realize diversified development. In terms of operating system, there are not many products equipped with Windows Phone in C terminal, but the terminal manufacturer is ready to follow up according to the needs of Chinatelecom at any time

Zhaoguang, vice president of ZTE, said that in 2012, ZTE had launched products equipped with Windows Phone 6.5 and 7.0. Although there is no large-scale launch of terminal products equipped with windows phone8 platform, the company is ready to promote cooperation with all parties according to the strategy of letting a hundred flowers bloom. When the time is ripe, ZTE will launch more C customized terminals on the WP platform. Zhaoguang said

at present, although Chinatelecom's high-end product line has only a small number of products including Samsung's W series, some terminal manufacturers have made efforts in the C high-end market. Wangweijun said that at this year's CES exhibition, Huawei's flagship smart phone ascend D2 Telecom version has taken the lead in listing in China. We have great confidence in the CDMA industry chain. Wangweijun said

develop strengths and avoid weaknesses

when manufacturers choose to cooperate with Chinatelecom, they must value their industrial advantages. How to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses will determine the future destiny of the C terminal industry chain

in Feng Xing's opinion, Chinatelecom has obvious channel advantages, customer advantages and sales advantages tied to telephone charges. He said that based on the pc+ strategy, Lenovo is opening a number of PC stores nationwide to sell operator customization, making full use of experiential marketing, and needs to maintain long-term cooperation with telecom operators in terms of channels

however, Chinatelecom has obvious advantages and problems. According to chenyuping, so far, Chinatelecom's brand is being kidnapped by international brands such as apple and Samsung. In terms of brand building, Chinatelecom needs to get rid of its dependence on international brands and highlight its own content service value

in the near future, China Mobile will further promote the arrival of the 4G era. In response to the impact of 4G, Chinatelecom should first ensure that the shipment volume does not decrease, and then promote the development of multi-mode terminals so that it can support both 4G and C. Chinatelecom plans to develop in the 4G era. It must bind manufacturers such as Zhonghua coolian to solve the problem of downward compatibility of terminal products while ensuring terminal shipments. Chenyuping said

■ viewpoint

Chinatelecom is indispensable in the future development planning of Lenovo operators' business and an important support for realizing Lenovo's mobile Internet dream. Such a cooperation mode will bring win-win results to Lenovo and Telecom. Therefore, we regard Chinatelecom as the most important and cherished partner in Lenovo's overall pc+ strategy

Feng Xing, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of operator business

at present, in 2013, the keywords of Chinatelecom are getting rid of apple, 1000 yuan smart machine and mobile application. To get rid of apple, Chinatelecom needs to rely on its own ability to develop, 1000 yuan smart machine needs to grasp the mainstream of the market, and mobile application needs to be prepared for the future high-speed development

chenyuping, senior researcher of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology

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recently, ZTE and Huawei have launched their flagship products to the high-end market, setting off a prelude for domestic brands to enter the high-end market. However, domestic brands have always taken the introduction of medium and low-end products as their trump card. In this regard, how should domestic brands change the image in the hearts of users and realize the transformation from low-end to high-end

how to position high-end products

lvqianhao: ZTE as a whole is marching towards high-end. The high-end test of terminal products is not only the design, heat dissipation structure, materials and endurance, but also the assured Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to call to inquire about the balance and coordination of parts and components in all links of the product. This challenge comes not only from the design laboratory, but also from the product production line. In 2013, ZTE tried to realize the transformation and sublimation of intelligent products, and insisted on developing according to the star strategy, high-quality product strategy and service strategy. At present, ZTE's brand awareness is still lower than that of Samsung, HTC and LG. We must make a new benchmark and definition to be recognized in the industry

wangweijun: low end products will form the foundation of Huawei, but the company will pay equal attention to the research and development of high-end products in the future. The strength of Huawei's high-end products will not only be reflected in the hardware, but also in enhancing the user experience of various applications on the emotion UI and cloud management end, which Huawei attaches great importance to. High end products should not only make breakthroughs in the upstream of technology, but also integrate taste into products. The development direction of high-end products is to combine technical ability with product taste. In the future, Huawei's products will cover high, middle and low levels, and high-end products will reflect the company's strength

how to view the development trend of the main screen

LV Qianhao: the large screen equipment must be integrated with the business system design, rather than simply enlarging the size. The large screen should first ensure portability, secondly ensure the friendliness of human-computer interaction, thirdly achieve high-definition experience, and finally ensure security. In ces2013, ZTE displayed a 5-inch grand s main screen with a narrow edge design. In addition, the UI was optimized; In terms of security, the security manager, cloud backup, cloud services and other contents jointly developed by ZTE and many partners have good interfaces. In the future, they will continue to be optimized by means of voice control, rather than simply allowing users to install the software products of security manufacturers. These are the overall treatment of ZTE's products to better complete the large screen design, In order to ensure the portability, friendliness, convenience, high-definition application experience and safety of jaw splints installed at the end of production to the greatest extent, the development trend of large screen is that the most obvious feature of non salacanoa is that it has high water absorption and quick drying performance, which is often complex

wangweijun: in the future, small screen tablets will be gradually integrated with, and these two will eventually become one product. As for the development trend of the main screen, users can give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain to recall: when the first generation iPhone product was launched, people thought that the main screen size of the product was very large, which would certainly affect the sense of control of the product; However, after years of development, the main screen size of the iPhone has exceeded 4 inches, 5 inches, or even larger. Users feel that the size of the iPhone is far from enough. At present, it is difficult for us to predict the extent to which the main screen size will be extended, and there may be further changes in the next oneortwo years. Huawei will work with the best suppliers in the industry to introduce the latest technologies into the latest products and present the most cutting-edge technologies. In this process, human hands gradually adapt to the changes of the screen, and the attraction of the large screen to human will increasingly overcome the operating resistance to the large screen

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