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Cczimo hardware tools was invited to participate in the International Industrial Expo and won high praise in the industry. On March 27, 2019, the International Industrial Expo themed green industry and intelligent future kicked off in Nanjing Convention and exhibition hall. The exhibition was divided into five theme exhibition areas: machine tools, industrial automation, robots, tools, machinery and electricity, and hardware consumables. Dealers and brand heads from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong and other places were invited, It has brought a shocking performance of technology and life to Nanjing citizens

at the exhibition, Mr. Jiang, the head of the Provincial Machinery Industry Association, said: since the opening of the Industrial Expo, he has always taken exploring more possibilities of manufacturing upgrading as the development core of the exhibition, invested a lot of energy in industrial design, industrial manufacturing, industrial materials, etc., and gradually developed the exhibition into a channel of supply and demand, technical exchange at both ends of production and consumption, and a more influential professional platform in the industry, It is believed that the influence of the exhibition will be further strengthened in the future

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in Mr. Jiang's speech, the exhibition also opened. Automobile tool dealers from all over the country visited the exhibition in various exhibition areas and showed great interest in a batch of high-quality hardware tools, machinery and materials, which pushed the exhibition to a small climax, making many high-level brands stand out and attracted more attention from tourists

as the representative of local brands, cczimo hardware designers used polyurethane materials to create personalized furniture tools, which won the praise of the visitors with excellent quality, high-specification processing technology and customized production. President Chen, the person in charge of cczimo hardware tools booth, said: since its establishment, cczimo hardware tools has taken assisting in manufacturing transformation as the mission of brand development when doing friction coefficient. For this reason, the brand has maintained close contact with manufacturing enterprises for a long time. It has made in-depth exploration on the manufacturing of machine tools with a number of manufacturing enterprises, and developed alloy aluminum plates that are more in line with the design of machine tools Plate shears and other machinery manufacturing materials have accumulated a lot of experience, and have reached strategic cooperative relations with many machinery manufacturing enterprises

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it is understood that cczimo hardware tools has built a large modern processing factory in Nanjing, which covers an area of nearly 1000 mu. The surface damage caused by its production line and product quality inspection and rough polishing is a secondary consideration. Both of them are imported from Germany, and can be regarded as a hardware tool brand with a stable manufacturing level in the industry. On this basis, cczimo hardware tools has developed a set of customized production methods for different machining needs, becoming a representative brand of high-level processing materials in the industry

the performance of cczimo hardware tools at the International Industrial Expo has enabled them to step onto a larger stage from behind the scenes. Chen general said: cczimo hardware tools will not fear the attention of the outside world. Today, it depends on the input of cczimo hardware tools in product quality and the efforts made in product production. This is the original intention of cczimo hardware tools with Rockwell hardness of 0.002mm


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