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Many friends will consider what style to decorate the house after they get the new house. In fact, most people's decoration now takes one as the main style, and then improve it according to their own needs, which is also a good choice. Well, Xiaobian has sorted out the common house decoration styles in China for you. If you are still struggling with which decoration style to choose, you might as well come and know it in advance

house decoration style &mdash& mdash; Chinese style

in China's decoration style, we have to mention Chinese style. Most of these decoration styles have been handed down to this day due to the decoration culture in the late Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, most of the decoration characteristics in the Han and Tang Dynasties are Japanese decoration styles that have been handed down to this day. Chinese decoration style can be said to be a very common decoration style in China. It has rich colors and a calm feeling. It is also a family decoration with identity

house decoration style &mdash& mdash; New Chinese style

now many young people will feel that Chinese style will be more depressed and the color is more boring. Therefore, there is a new Chinese style after improvement. The current new Chinese style, whether in terms of color matching, interior decoration and some details, can better meet the life taste of young people now, and thus can also meet the aesthetic concepts of elders. Therefore, this new Chinese style decorative style is very suitable for the residence where two generations live together, thus reaching a consensus on home decoration

house decoration style &mdash& mdash; European style

European style decoration has a great influence in China, but the European style mentioned here is only a general term. After all, it is divided into several decoration styles, such as traditional European style, Baroque style, Gothic style, Rococo style, etc., which are combined with our current living habits, and there are also many subdivisions of simple European style, modern European style, etc. European style, from luxurious atmosphere in the past to noble and beautiful now, is gradually in line with Chinese home decoration taste, so it is also widely used by people

house decoration style &mdash& mdash; Modern simple style

simple style is also a kind of home decoration style that people like very much now, and it is also very popular in China. Its biggest advantage is that it uses relatively few decoration projects, and pays great attention to efficiency in time, which also reduces the cost of decoration. Therefore, we can design according to our personal preferences and decoration budget. Whether it is rented to others after decoration, or used for their own living, this style is completely free of problems

conclusion: the above is all about the four most popular house decoration styles in China. I hope you will have a further understanding of home decoration after understanding the above decoration styles. If you have a house that needs decoration recently, you may wish to refer to it





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