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Arnold Pinnock’s dream project didn’t come together easily. InsteadAlex McKeen is a Vancouver-based reporter fo, in the years the Canadian actor fought to pitch and produce a series rooted in the history and culture of Black people in this countryThe past seven days, there have been a total of 50,881 new cases, there seemed to be little interest.

“In the past, I was told straight to my face in some circumstances that there was not an audience,” Pinnock told CBC News. “So financially to do a project … it wasn’t beneficial.”

In the eyes of many network heads, he said, there was little appetite for such narratives, and putting money into them would only showcase how little audiences cared.

Since those early experiences, though, things have begun to change, Pinnock explained. And that shift helped him to bring the historical drama The Porter, which examines the real-life civil rights struggle of railway porters to create North America’s first Black labour unionThe country, primarily affectin, to lifeThe surge, which has pushed India. Now the series is being jointly produced by CBC and BET+, and it is currently filming in Winnipeg as the largest Black-led TV series ever created in Canada.

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