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Sany group transfers 5.91% equity of Sany Heavy Industry

on the evening of December 19, Sany Heavy Industry announced that the company's major shareholder Sany group plans to transfer 5.91% shares of Sany Heavy Industry, and the funds obtained will be mainly used for the three major projects of "private bank preparation, robot research and development, and process informatization improvement". After the transfer, Sany group remains the largest shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry

According to the announcement, Sany group plans to transfer its 300000 shares of Sany Heavy Industry to entrepreneur Chen Fashu and private placement giant Shanghai Zhuque investment. After the equity delivery, Chen Fashu will become the second largest shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry, and Shanghai Zhuque investment will become the fourth largest shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry

before the transfer, Sany group held 4277.7956 million shares of Sany Heavy Industry, accounting for 56.16%. After the transfer, Sany group's shareholding in Sany Heavy Industry fell slightly to 3827.7956 million shares, accounting for 50.26% of the shares, and the transfer accounted for 5.91%

the company said that all the funds obtained from the transfer will be used for project investment, among which "private banks will raise projects that can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of thin films, robot research and development projects, and process informatization improvement projects" will be the main beneficiaries

On December 5 this year, Sany Heavy Industry plans to participate in the preparation for the establishment of Sanxiang Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanxiang bank). With a registered capital of 3billion yuan, Sanxiang bank will be the first private bank in Hunan Province after approval. In terms of the equity proportion of the main sponsor, Sany Group invested 540million yuan, accounting for 18% of the shares. Sany intelligent, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, invested 360million yuan, accounting for 12% of the shares. In addition, Hansen pharmaceutical, Yongqing environmental protection and Gongchuang industrial group hold 15%, 14% and 10% of the shares respectively

the company also announced that the funds will be invested in the new field of robot development to improve the intelligent manufacturing capacity of enterprises. According to the evaluation of insiders, the robot industry has great market demand potential, a wide range of applications, and intelligent robots with cognitive ability and cooperation with people will become the main force of the smart factory. After the three upper and lower jaws are tightened, the first group will develop robots, which can not only improve the intelligent manufacturing capacity, but also better support the development and growth of Sany Heavy Industry

in addition, the process informatization reform project will be a key investment in the future. In November, Sany Group signed strategic cooperation agreements with SAP, IBM, etc. The company said that the process reform will promote the transformation and upgrading of Sany's core business, whether it is to build an excellent operation system, or internationalization, whether it is the transformation of existing products and services, or to undertake new technologies and develop new industries, all these measures need a strong support of process information

for the three major projects that will be heavily invested after this equity transfer, on the one hand, Sany said that a series of measures will be conducive to improving the overall core competitiveness of the enterprise, the same as the following requirements with electronic universal testing machine: improve the return on capital at the same time

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