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Sany Heavy Industry broke the Guinness record for the longest boom pump truck three times

Sany Heavy Industry broke the Guinness record for the longest boom pump truck three times

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in the first half of 2019, Sany Heavy industry achieved a net profit of billion. Among them, concrete machinery has once again become a new growth point. Since 2017, with the promotion of domestic infrastructure demand, concrete machinery has shown signs of recovery after falling to the bottom. Sany Heavy Industry sold 3532 concrete pump trucks in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 26%. In 2018, the operating revenue of Sany concrete machinery also increased by 35%. According to the prediction at the beginning of the year, the growth rate of Sany concrete machinery is expected to exceed 30% in 2019

as the most influential category of construction machinery under Sany Heavy Industry, concrete machinery has become the overtaking lane of Sany's rapid development. Looking back on the development history of Sany Heavy Industry, it can basically be regarded as the development history of domestic concrete machinery. Its pump truck broke the Guinness world record for the longest boom pump truck for three times, which promoted the development of technology and established its leading position in the field of concrete machinery

66m boom pump truck in 2007

at the beginning of 2007, the 66m concrete boom pump truck produced by Sany Heavy Industry went offline, breaking the world record for the longest boom pump truck for the first time. The previous record holder was a 63 meter boom pump truck launched by Putzmeister in 2005. Sany increased the boom length by 3 meters on its basis. As a rising star, Sany has set its own benchmark in the field of super long boom pump truck

for the pump truck, every increase of one meter in the boom length is full of difficulties. What it wants to solve is not only the problem of increasing the length of the boom, but also a requirement for the boom material and the overall performance of the boom, which strongly reflects the spirit and concept of 'responsible care'. Therefore, at that time, this 66 meter pump truck contained the achievements accumulated by SANY in the field of concrete machinery for many years

this sy5600thb-66 pump truck with the longest boom in the world adopts 5 RZ boom, high-strength steel, and the maximum vertical height is 66 meters. In addition, this car also provides one button high and low pressure pumping pressure switching, which can provide greater pumping pressure when blocking the pipe, effectively solving this problem

at the same time, after this 66m pump truck was introduced to the market, it also received many orders from the market. Even in the current market environment, the boom length of this 66 meter pump truck still has a strong advantage, and it is the most representative super long boom pump truck of Sany

2009 72m boom pump truck

after two years, at the end of 2009, Sany has refreshed the world's longest "That's why our hybrid pocan af4130 has such an amazing record of size stability boom pump truck. Sany's first 72 meter boom pump truck came off the production line. In 2008, Putzmeister launched the world's first 70 meter boom pump truck, breaking the 63 meter boom pump truck record set by SANY in 2007. However, Sany doesn't seem to fall behind. A year after Putzmeister, it has increased the boom length by 2 meters on its basis. Brush A new record

at the 10th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition held in November 2009, the certification officer from Guinness announced that the 72 meter boom pump truck designed and produced by Sany Heavy Industry has become the new record holder of the world's longest boom pump truck

from 66 meters to 72 meters, the boom length has increased by another 6 meters. This is a memorable day, which is a new honor for Sany and even the whole domestic concrete machinery. It represents the technological innovation of domestic concrete machinery and the ability to pursue higher technology. So far, it has also laid the technical foundation for Sany concrete machinery to take the lead in the world

2011 86m boom pump truck

after another two years, Sany brought its new masterpiece, and an 86m boom pump truck was successfully rolled off the production line in Sany digital factory. This time, Sany is no longer competing with foreign brands for the title of "the world's longest boom pump truck". In the same year, Zoomlion released its first 80 meter boom pump truck. However, the stool is not hot yet, and this record is once again refreshed by its heavy metal Sany. The length of the boom is 6 meters longer than that of Zoomlion

for this 86m pump truck, Sany has specially customized a 9-axle all road chassis for it. However, after special design, the minimum turning radius of this vehicle is only 15 meters, which can cope with most of the construction site environment

it is reported that the boom of this 86 meter pump truck is made of 1800 MPa ultra-strength steel. It can withstand 18 tons of pressure per square centimeter, which is equivalent to jacking up an adult African elephant with a finger, except that it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, conductivity, heat conduction and so on. The manufacturing technology of this material is completely mastered by SANY, which represents that Sany has mastered the core technology of ultra long boom manufacturing. This long boom pump truck requires high material strength and stability of its boom during construction. This also represents the top technical level in the field of concrete boom pump truck

in fact, at the beginning, Sany Heavy Industry was supposed to build the world's first 118 meter all steel boom pump truck. However, this plan was eventually abandoned. Because such a product has little actual use value, even if it is successfully manufactured, it will at most become a decoration there, or a publicity gimmick

the significance of this 86m boom pump truck is different. It can really be used as a production tool. Up to now, several 86 meter boom pump trucks of the same model have been sold, and their actual use value is still very high

along the way, Sany has constantly refreshed its own and industry records, using technological innovation to win the market and create more competitive products. At the same time, it has also pushed domestic concrete machinery to the global market, enhancing the influence of made in China in the world. Having witnessed the rise of domestic concrete machinery, Sany has won again. It is expected that Sany concrete machinery will reach a new commanding height in the next few years

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