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Sany group won the "most internationally competitive Chinese Enterprise Award"

Sany group won the "most internationally competitive Chinese Enterprise Award"

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Guide: on December 27, 2013, the global look at China and the World Summit Forum and the 2013 global times general evaluation list award ceremony hosted by the global times was held in Beijing, at which cities, enterprises Many awards of cultural industrial parks and cultural products have been internationalized in recent years

on December 27th, 2013, the "global look at China and the world" Summit Forum and the "2013 global times general review list" award ceremony hosted by the global times was held in Beijing. At the ceremony, many awards involving cities, enterprises, cultural industrial parks and cultural products were announced and awarded, Sany group, which has made breakthroughs in internationalization in recent years, won the "annual most internationally competitive Chinese Enterprise Award"

as a leading enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry, Sany group's internationalization achievements in recent years are obvious to all, and 2013 can be described as a bright spot

at the beginning of the year, the company was delighted to announce that Sany United States achieved profits for the first time, and all five overseas regions such as the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Russia, South Africa and North Africa achieved profits. This year, Sany developed countries in Europe and the United States and strategic emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East achieved a comprehensive breakthrough. In particular, many Sany products represented by truck cranes became popular. The company predicts that after achieving overseas sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan for the first time last year, Sany's overseas performance will be higher this year. After the above steps are checked, the mold closing speed and pressure will be reduced by one floor

In June, in order to further adapt to the company's business system and accelerate the pace of international development, Sany established the sixth largest overseas region - Latin America region on the basis of the above five overseas regions. The Latin American region is mainly responsible for developing the markets of emerging countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico, which makes the Sany international structure more suitable for overseas and local markets

in December, Sany Heavy Industry's international capital operation reappeared a big move. After establishing a joint venture with Austria parfiger group last year, the company once again announced that Sany crane and parfiger will consider reducing the size of wheels in the future. Figer will cross hold shares. Among them, Sany Heavy Industry will hold 10% of the shares of parfiger, and parfiger will obtain 10% of the shares of the three heavy sectors through capital increase

it is worth mentioning that Sany port machinery business also ushered in the performance explosion in the Middle East and Southeast Asia markets in 2013, and successively received a single order of more than 100 million in Indonesia and the largest order in Saudi Arabia port. In addition, the case of Sany group suing Obama has also withstood many tests in 2013, and sany's heart for safeguarding rights is still firm. International experts believe that Sany's move provides a new thinking for China's international rights protection

it is understood that the general review list of the global times is an authoritative list based on the survey data of the global public opinion survey center and the opinions of many experts according to the reports of the global times and authoritative media around the world. Since its birth in 2011, it has tried to objectively and truly evaluate the gains and losses of Chinese cities, companies and industry leaders in participating in international competition

At the award ceremony, Zhu Wenkui, deputy general manager and brand director of Sany Heavy Industry, received the award on behalf of the company and delivered a wonderful speech. Combined with the practical experience of Sany's "going out", Zhu Wenkui said that internationalization is localization. After enterprises fully add test pieces, they should open up points, respect differences, consider differentiated needs, and realize localized products, employees and culture

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