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With the improvement of people's living standards and taste, the requirements for beauty are also changing. Naturally, the requirements for choosing cosmetics are more stringent. In addition to choosing products that are pure natural plant essence, marine organisms and high-tech content, the packaging of products is also very different from the past. Merchants deeply feel that exquisite packaging can be more beautiful, prominent, attractive and competitive in the fierce market, and will inevitably add value to products

looking at the packaging of many national direct selling cosmetics in China, we find that there are common problems, such as no real effort, the packaging is too ordinary, the color is single, the shape is simple, and it can't leave a desirable feeling. In fact, this is also directly related to the positioning of cosmetics products. Cosmetics is only a product line of direct selling enterprises, many of which are not the most important product lines of enterprises, so there are too many phenomena of drifting with the tide. National enterprises really want to develop for a long time, and the attitude of product positioning is worrying

I saw the cosmetics packaging of many national direct selling enterprises in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. At first glance, I will know which company this kind of packaged cosmetics came from. The packaging of products is like a person's appearance. If you can't make an excellent first impression, even experienced talents will miss many opportunities, especially cosmetics. The main consumer group of cosmetics comes from women who are relatively emotional. The beauty and taste of the external packaging are directly related to the sales volume of products. If we are calm about the packaging, we will undoubtedly lose huge space in the market competition, even if the above factors are taken into account

To sum up, as a makeup artist with many years of experience, the author believes that the packaging of cosmetics should establish the design and direction of the brand in many factors, such as beauty, creativity, packaging materials, market positioning, and strive to stand out from similar products. In terms of the color and luster of the product packaging, local cosmetics are very Oriental. They are a natural high-molecular biomaterial style. They have a deep oriental flavor. The product shape of color packaging is more practical, quiet and natural. Natep's funds have been running for 18 months, bringing a subtle and charming oriental charm, reflecting the elegant oriental culture. Improving product brand and creating brand image are our key issues. Speaking of perfume, we all know some French brands. It can be seen that the influence of brands is so great that a product can represent a country. The packaging of these international products adopts personalized characteristics, which are mysterious, unrestrained and lively. Each is a carefully crafted handicraft, which brings people infinite inspiration and imagination

although local enterprises are taking the international route, when the products of national direct selling enterprises move towards the international route, they must also organically integrate the characteristics of nationalization. The first is cultural integration, which integrates the romantic and unrestrained design style and concept of western culture into the implicit and elegant oriental culture, breaks through the traditional thinking pattern, and integrates the new era, new century and new brand. Product brand positioning needs to be clear and innovative. Whether to position cosmetics as a product line of the company or build an international brand is a question that national direct selling enterprises need to ponder. However, the author needs to emphasize that when taking the road of international brands, don't blindly follow the trend and think that everything is good for internationalization, so enterprises will lose themselves in internationalization. A bottle of cosmetics, a brand, represents a company and a national direct selling enterprise, which will be our goal

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