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With the continuous development of Hangning aerospace technology, 270V high-voltage DC power supply has been gradually applied to the new generation of multi/all electric aircraft. Switched reluctance motor has the advantages of very simple structure, simple control, high strength to weight ratio and high power density. By changing the control parameters, it can easily realize the conversion of starting and power generation mode. Before the aircraft engine starts, the switched reluctance motor starts the aircraft engine in the starter mode: until the engine is ignited successfully, the engine drives the switched reluctance motor into the power generation mode. At present, the Switched Reluctance Starter/generator (hereinafter referred to as SR s/g) system is a hot research topic in the power supply system of multi duty/all electric aircraft

sr s/G is the combination of motor and generator. The design of the motor takes into account both electric performance and power generation performance. The whole working process of SRS/G can be divided into starting state and power generation state. The starting state lasts for a short time, and the power generation state lasts for a long time. When starting, only torque, torque fluctuation and other parameters are required to meet the requirements. The power generation state is a long-term working state. There are many parameters required in the design, and the performance of the motor is mainly based on the power generation performance. Therefore, when designing the structure and size of the motor, this paper puts forward the design principle of giving priority to the power generation performance and taking into account the starting performance

because the magnetic circuit of switched reluctance motor is seriously saturated and has serious nonlinearity, its working principle and structure are different from traditional motors. Therefore, the size design of switched reluctance motor can not copy the methods used in classical motor design. In this paper, a method combining classical motor design with finite element electromagnetic field design is proposed. Among them, the classical motor design method is based on the switched reluctance motor design method mentioned in document [1] so that the load can be directly applied to the contact point. It should be improved according to the design characteristics of switched reluctance generator. The finite element electromagnetic field design is realized by finite element software Ansoft Maxwell 2D modeling and simulation. The SRS/g design method proposed in this paper has the rapidity of the traditional motor design method and the accuracy of the finite element design method, which is a breakthrough in the field of motor design

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