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Sany group wants to build China's first "industry 4 shanghai.0" demonstration area

Sany group wants to build China's first "industry 4.0" demonstration area

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recently, Sany group organized an in-depth study on Industry 4.0, so that employees can understand the background, connotation and strategy of industry 4.0, and promote the company to become a leader in intelligent manufacturing

industry 4.0 is a development strategy put forward by Germany under the background of the global scientific and technological revolution. In fact, in this wave known as the information revolution, the United States has also formulated a national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, and the Chinese government vigorously advocates new industrialization

the equipment manufacturing industry where Sany is located is a national strategic industry. More and more enterprises in the industry emphasize upgrading the manufacturing industry with information technology, establishing advanced manufacturing and management systems, participating in high-end market competition through intelligent equipment, and expanding and strengthening China's manufacturing industry. Especially in the period of in-depth adjustment of the industry, Sany also firmly grasped the wave of informatization to tap new growth points, so that smart factories and big data play an increasingly important role in enterprise development

Sany's informatization is far earlier than that of domestic peer enterprises. It can be traced back to 1994, when the first computer drawing replaced the hand-painted drawing, indicating the start of Sany's informatization

in 2011, Sany plant 18, which was put into construction in Changsha, is the largest intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia, which is a model of Sany's industrial informatization construction. Walking into the workshop, what you see is not the traditional construction machinery manufacturing workshop, but rather a large-scale computing system, which puts forward a series of solutions, together with mechanized operating tools, the intelligence of large-scale production equipment 16. The accuracy of displacement control rate: within ± 0.2% of the set value. Every production process, every quality inspection, and every worker's labor volume are recorded

according to the introduction, plant 18 created the "Sany speed" of one pump truck offline in one hour. The port industrial park established later created a speed of 5 minutes to offline a excavator. At present, the technology of digital factory has been applied in more than 30 business units, which has promoted the transformation of the company's production mode. Therefore, Sany's digital factory has won the reputation of "smart factory"

another thing worth mentioning is the connection of "the last mile" information. Sany completed the connection between enterprises and equipment terminals through its independently developed information system - ECC global enterprise control center, and took the lead in opening the application of IOT in the industry. ECC can control equipment, dispatch workers nearby, and collect information such as fuel consumption and safety. The automation of customer relationship management has been basically realized

these huge data from construction equipment can be used to guide enterprise R & D, manufacturing and market analysis. By mastering these big data, Sany can provide customers with products. These industries are facing liquidation crisis improvement and accurate equipment management services. It can also provide a series of decision support for the company, such as economic situation and market dynamics

process informatization is considered to be the advanced stage of Sany informatization development. Since 2013, under the new situation that the industry forces enterprises to transform, Sany has begun to break down departmental barriers and promote the reform of process informatization in order to obtain new development and breakthroughs. Through process informatization, the company hopes to sort out its core business processes such as R & D, business, manufacturing, sales and service, open up an end-to-end efficient enterprise chain, achieve excellent operation, and then support the needs of the company's global development

in the future, Sany will make more use of big data technology, cloud computing, virtual integration, 3D printing, robots and other cutting-edge technologies to improve the company's intelligent manufacturing and operation capabilities. He Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and director of process informatization headquarters, once said that Sany hopes to drive the intelligent upgrading of the whole industry through its own practice, drive the coordinated development of global intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises, and create China's first "industry 4.0" demonstration zone

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