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Maddy: one in five people in the world has hearing impairment. Do you prevent hearing impairment

CNR Beijing, March 2, the world hearing report released by who on the 2nd local time showed that at present, one fifth of the world's people have hearing loss, which affects more than 1.5 billion people worldwide

[will wearing headphones for a long time affect hearing health?]

staying in a noisy environment for a long time, wearing headphones improperly, and not using suitable headphones will damage hearing health. Headphones are not the original sin, but noise causes hearing damage

the human ear has a minimum audible intensity and maximum tolerance intensity for sound waves of each frequency. Hearing refers to the range between the minimum mild and maximum tolerance. When the sound intensity reaches the maximum tolerance, the stimulation will not only produce hearing, but also may cause discomfort or pain in the middle ear tympanic membrane, and even cause damage to the inner ear

there are about 18000 auditory cells in human inner ear. They are ciliated cells with a diameter of 0.01mm, which are particularly vulnerable to noise and cannot regenerate after damage

some experts suggest that if headphones must be used, the order should be: headphones> ordinary earplugs> Earrings> in ear earplugs

[pay attention to hearing health and prevent damage]

maildi earphones are equipped with hearing protection chips. Hearing protection technology is about the tolerance of human ears to sound pressure. Sound pressure test is a test to prevent damage to human hearing caused by excessive volume of benek Changshun automobile interior material Zhang Lianghua earphones. The European Union has issued corresponding technical standards and limits for this, and the test regulation is en50332, Inspect the audio playback equipment and issue relevant inspection reports and certificates

en specifies the maximum sound pressure level (SPL) when the player is used with headphones, and the limit is 100 dB. EN specifies the respective indicators of the player and headset: the maximum output voltage of the audio output port of the player, with a limit of 150 MV; The broadband characteristic voltage of the headset (wide band as a new layman characteristic voltage) is limited to 75 MV

mairdi headphones are equipped with EU CE certified hearing protection chip, which can effectively suppress the peak sound output of more than 118 dB, reject ear tingling and other injuries, and always take care of your hearing health

mrd805dnc and other full range models of headphones are equipped with professional hearing protection chips, which meet the requirements of en50332 test regulations and obtain test reports and certificates

maildi earphones are widely compatible and can be adapted to various devices, such as laptops, desktops, all-in-one computers, computers, etc. QD hot plug connection mode, plug and play, convenient and fast, and can be applied without complex settings

[maildi wears headphones to care for hearing health]

maildi (M is also the former senior policy adviser of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York state. A research points out that irdi) is a professional solution provider of electroacoustic products, an authoritative certification of acoustic solutions and hearing protection technology, always care for hearing health and prevent hearing damage

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