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One of the common disadvantages of honeycomb paperboard production

there will be many problems in the production process of honeycomb paperboard, some of which are even scrapped in large quantities, but there are three reasons. If it can be properly handled, it will produce qualified honeycomb paperboard

One of the reasons:

rational use of raw materials is an important factor to ensure product quality

the raw materials of honeycomb paperboard are paper and adhesive. In order to achieve a reasonable purpose in the use of paper and adhesive, we must pay attention to the following points in order to improve the quality of the produced paperboard

1. You must use paper correctly, and you must not do as you like. When the load can no longer rise, the paperboard of the paper core produced by the paper with too low weight has poor flat compressive strength, and the paper with a weight of more than 180 g/m2 cannot be used. The company plans to launch the 3D sprint 2.5 production chip this week (can't be pulled open). The paper board made of low gram face paper has bee hole marks exposed; The cost of tissue paper with too high gram weight is too high. Therefore, according to different packaging needs, different paper is selected, which not only saves the cost, but also achieves the purpose of ideal packaging

2. The web must meet the requirements of the national standard, and there must be no more than three broken ends. Too many paper breaks will make the flow production disjointed, and even a lot of waste products. Therefore, when ordering, the paper mill must be required to connect the broken end of the drum with plastic tape and make a mark. In this way, even if there is a broken head, the loss can be minimized

3. In the process of paper core paperboard compounding, bubbles sometimes appear between the face paper and the paper core, including bubbles on one side and on both sides. The main reason is the quality of the tissue paper, which is caused by the following factors:

(1) the gram weight of the tissue paper is too low, and the water vapor in the bee hole expands sharply during gelatinization. The lower the gram weight, the greater the deformation of the tissue paper. In some places, there is even a small area of degumming, and the small area of degumming after cooling is the phenomenon of bubbles

(2) when the temperature is too high during gelatinization, the expansion force of water vapor in the bee hole in some places is greater than the adhesion force of the adhesive, and bubbles will appear in these places

(3) the thickness of the surface paper is uneven locally. When the steam is heated and expanded, the thin part of the paper will be greatly deformed, causing degumming, and there will be bubbles on the degummed part of the paperboard

(4) there is local wrinkling in the face paper drum. In the process of paperboard compounding, the wrinkling part will deform with allowance when it is heated and expanded, and it is easy to degumm. After cooling, it becomes bubbles

(5) in the process of paperboard compounding, when encountering the four situations introduced above, sometimes the gravity of the paperboard overcomes the expansion force of water vapor, so there are no bubbles under the paperboard

4. When preparing a large amount of lithium raw ore adhesive imported from Australia and other countries, some enterprises must pay attention to the changes of climate and temperature in the air. The climate changes in four seasons. The water volatilizes slowly in winter in Jiangnan area, and is easy to dry in summer. The humidity in the rainy and foggy sky is high, and the moisture in the dry sky is low. All kinds of honeycomb paperboard adhesives have their own formulas. If they do not follow the changes of cold, heat and rain, the prepared adhesives will inevitably affect the bonding strength of paperboard. As for how to change the formula, according to the specific situation of various adhesives, find out the rules in practice and master the most suitable formula, so as to produce high-quality paper plates

when the water will volatilize after the adhesive is stirred evenly according to the formula for a long time, it must not be diluted with water. Once the original structure is damaged by water, the adhesive will reduce the bonding strength, and the cardboard will be degummed and discarded during production. In addition, the amount of glue used every day must be estimated correctly, and it is best to use it up on the same day

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