One case of powder sprayer failure of the hottest

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An example of powder sprayer failure of four-color offset press

the powder sprayer of PZB unit offset press is JP-1 electrostatic powder sprayer, which is mainly composed of hopper, drive motor, high-voltage generator and powder spraying control unit. With the improvement of domestic technology and demand, high-pressure generator is used to generate high-voltage electric field screws that make powder spray down, The high-voltage outgoing line is fixed on the synchronous belt drive on the outer surface of the hopper bottom through the adjusting screw made of nylon rod or ceramic material with good insulation performance, and a section of the outgoing line end is threaded through the adjusting screw and fixed on the support frame at both ends of the hopper

during one use, the powder spraying device of the machine broke down. After inspection, it was found that there was a punctured coke mark on the section of the high-voltage wire in the adjusting screw core. So we borrowed the high-voltage wire of the same specification from another offset press to replace it, and retained the original adjusting screw. As a result, the high-voltage wire just replaced was punctured again after the test. Later, we analyzed that the adjusting screw was punctured first, which led to the breakdown of the high-voltage wire. Therefore, when the workpiece was impacted, we replaced the high-voltage wire and the adjusting screw at the same time, and finally tried the machine again to return to normal

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