One glance at the hottest scene shows why XCMG has

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One glance at the scene shows why XCMG must be selected for the 6-ton truck.

one glance at the scene shows why XCMG must be selected for the 6-ton truck.

China Construction machinery information

a mining company in Yishui county is a bluestone mine, which is mainly mined with high calcium ore, and the area of the mining area covers a radius of 3 kilometers. After nearly three years of improvement and reorganization, it is now rushing forward. "The quality of machinery and equipment must be better if we make waste mountains." When it comes to the performance of the equipment that is most valued, the boss, Mr. Zhang, said, "at present, the amount of work does not allow the equipment to be shut down due to failure."

entering the factory area of the company, a busy scene

both cars and services exceeded expectations

in mid-2016, with the increasing work volume, the company purchased two XCMG 6-ton loaders on the basis of the original five large tonnage loaders. Due to the sharp and sharp characteristics of the crushed ore stones, as well as the hard work of the front wheels, after the field investigation of XCMG technicians, Protective devices are also specially installed for the front wheels of these two 6-ton loaders. Now half a year has passed. The Knovel resin matrix composite database, which works more than 10 hours a day, is an interactive compilation platform for the tensile, shear, bending, compression and impact properties of composite materials. In the work of the shift, "the car is OK, even if there are some minor defects, it is normal, on call." President Zhang repeatedly praised XCMG loaders for their timeliness and effectiveness when he said that the proportion of XCMG Loaders' exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased

the authenticity of XCMG's 6-ton loader has brought tangible benefits to users.

one glance at the gearbox shows why XCMG must be selected for 6-ton vehicles.

before buying XCMG's large tonnage loader, Yishan mining used loaders of other brands, "Compared with other brands, XCMG's 6-ton car is faster to load, and it is really more able to load. It has very good light transmittance. In manager Chen's view, this" real kung fu "is largely due to XCMG's new gearbox. "XCMG's 6-ton gearbox is completely different from the 5-ton one, and it is also different from other brands. Some of the 6-ton gearboxes of other brands are basically the same as the 5-ton ones. The gearbox of XCMG's 6-ton car is strong, which is still German technology. I didn't believe it at first, but now I know it's true after using it."

if we choose XCMG at first, we attach importance to the maintenance service. With the growth of vehicle use time, users gradually realize the characteristics of XCMG's 6-ton loader, such as "resistance to manufacture, durability, few faults, fast loading, high efficiency" and so on. "In the second half of 2017, I 2. put the tested samples on the workbench, and we need to add at least two XCMG 6-ton loaders."

XCMG V series loaders have also brought unprecedented driving experience to the majority of drivers.

the best car that has been driven in the past 8 years

it is also the personal feeling in use that makes the mining company taste the benefits of "good quality and high efficiency" of the equipment. With the continuous increase of the service time of construction machinery equipment, the understanding of "too high maintenance cost" after the warranty period also forces users to constantly update their equipment, "Within three years, the remaining cars have expired, and we will eliminate them all, replace them with new ones, and replace them with XCMG ones."

Du Qiang, a 30-year-old loader driver of the company, has been driving loaders for eight years so far this year. In these eight years, he has driven loaders of many brands. "For more than half a year since opening XCMG, I feel that XCMG's loaders are fast loading, comfortable driving, and large tonnage. Although they drink a little more oil than 5 tons, they also produce more work. The appearance is also very atmospheric."

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