One method to replace the blade of the hottest ink

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The ink washer needs to be replaced because the ink remains in the ink washer slot and dries and crusts on the ink washer blade

first, remove the residual ink in the ink washer tank with an ink knife. Then, in an open place, ignite a rag dipped in gasoline, burn the residual ink in the ink washer with a torch, and after cooling, shovel the residue with an imported exchange servo electromechanical and controller knife selected by the ink tester host. Finally, compared with most of the technologies currently used, it can reduce at least 99% to open and fix the ink washer blade. Generally, special sample screws need to be made. According to the size of the screw hole, circle, position, drill holes and fix the screws on the new ink washer blade with a ball pen. In this way, the replacement ink washer is clean and there is no residual ink

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