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On the whole, the production and sales of production enterprises in various regions are basically balanced, and the inventory of some manufacturers has decreased slightly

at present, it is the traditional peak season of spot market demand, and the consumption demand of downstream real estate and other industries for glass is basically flat month on month, with a slight increase in some regions. On the whole, the production and sales of production enterprises are basically balanced, and the inventory of some manufacturers has decreased slightly. Manufacturers also take advantage of the current good sales opportunities to minimize inventory and increase capital withdrawal. It also lays the foundation for later price adjustment

from a regional perspective, under the effect of early price adjustment in South China, East China and central China, the market confidence of production enterprises and traders is acceptable, and the price is mainly stable. In Shahe area, the color should be basically consistent, without obvious color difference, but there is no regulation on the essence of lime sand bricks, which boosts the market atmosphere. Last week, it was announced that the price was increased. Today, the quotation of most manufacturers increased by about 10 yuan, and the delivery situation is basically normal. The trend of each region is as follows:

quickly press the "stop" button and let go. Today, the overall trend of the East China spot market is general, the delivery situation of production enterprises is basically normal, the speed of automatic adjustment of the software is normal, and the market price is mainly stable. Compared with the hot scene in the same period last year, the demand for glass spot terminals today has decreased to a certain extent, mainly due to the weakening demand in the domestic real estate market. At the same time, the RMB exchange rate has also affected certain exports. Under the influence of this factor, although manufacturers still spare no effort to raise prices and boost market confidence, the market confidence of downstream processing enterprises and traders in procurement has not increased significantly. Due to the impact of environmental protection problems, the operating rate of deep-processing enterprises in some regions has also weakened to a certain extent, which is not conducive to the consumption of raw glass. As the National Day holiday approaches, market confidence also tends to be cautious

today, the overall trend of the South China market is slowing down, the production enterprises can maintain normal production and sales, and the market price is mainly stable. After the active price increase of production enterprises since August, the current market quotation in South China has been at a high level, and the price gap with other regions has opened a distance, and the glass entry volume in some central China has gradually increased. This will not be conducive to the reduction of inventories of local production enterprises. The market trend in Central China is general. After several rounds of price rises in the early stage, the price advantage in eastern China and other regions is basically no longer obvious

today, the market trend in North China is acceptable, the ex warehouse ring ratio of production enterprises has increased slightly, and the quotations of some manufacturers have increased slightly. The production enterprises in Shahe region issued a notice last week, and the quotation increased by 10 yuan today, and increased by 10 yuan again on the 25th. Under the influence of factors such as the price trend of the surrounding market is acceptable and the total inventory of local manufacturers is not large, some traders have increased the delivery volume, so the overall inventory of production enterprises has slightly decreased on a ring basis. Today, most manufacturers' quotations have risen by about 10 yuan, and the market confidence is OK. It is worth noting that on the one hand, the third line of Shahe Great Wall will be produced before and after the National Day holiday, on the other hand, North China is about to enter the busy farming season, which will have a certain adverse impact on glass consumption

aftermarket overview:

the slight rise in the market quotation in Shahe region today is not only a promotion of market confidence in North China, but also a echo of the rise in prices in South China and other regions. On the whole, the increment of downstream end customers is indeed limited. After continuous active price increases by production enterprises, it is difficult for downstream processing enterprises to undertake orders or fulfill original orders, and the degree of green transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry along the river is increased. However, at present, the production capacity of production enterprises has not decreased year-on-year, and inventory can only be removed by raising prices

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