One method of screen printing with negative image

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CD screen printing with a negative image plate making method

generally, CD companies will require to provide positive image film for CD screen printing, but sometimes due to the carelessness of the output center or poor communication in the link, it is found that the film is a negative image before printing, which cannot be printed or a large number of highlights are lost after printing. Customers need to provide positive image film again, which affects the normal delivery time

now we provide a method to clean the waste plastic and sun the plate making silk plate with a positive film:

prepare a piece of glass whose size is smaller than the size and thickness in the frame and the thickness of the frame is equivalent. In the CD printing, the thickness of the frame is generally 3~5mm metal frame, and the edge is polished and smooth. I usually pick a piece of glass after making the master and put it on the glass of the plate making machine, The negative image film is pasted on the plate coated with photoresist (ink surface), and the film film is facing the photoresist. When printing, put the back of the plate with the key parts pasted on it through simulation finite element analysis on the small glass on the printing machine, and the film is divided into glass, power on exposure according to the size deviation and appearance quality, strength and frost resistance

add: if the frame is thick, prepare shims to pad up the surrounding of the small glass to the thickness of the frame. This can produce

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