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Leaders of Xichai plant are close to the market and listen to users' voices at zero distance

leaders of Xichai plant are close to the market and zero distance Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. has participated in many previous aluminum exhibitions to listen to users' voices

but such materials cannot be reused. China Construction machinery information

recently, xuxuefen, Secretary of the Party committee of Xichai plant, Zhang Zhenfeng, assistant factory director, Huang Chenghai and other plant leaders, together with relevant personnel of the sales company, Visited Shandong regional market and had face-to-face communication with dealers and end users. This is an important measure taken by the leaders of the factory to go deep into the users, investigate and study the market and further improve the market competitiveness after Qian Hengrong, the director of the factory, led a team to visit the market during the in-depth educational practice of the party's mass line

Secretary Xu Xuefen continuously visited large dealers of Jiefang cars such as Linyi Jiefang, Luyun industry and Jining hongyufeng, and had a comprehensive understanding of the sales of Xichai Jiefang cars in Shandong market and the comments of users. During the market visit, three user forums were organized. The staff of Xichai diesel plant listened to the opinions of users face to face, understood the quality performance of products in the use process and other related situations, and asked users about their needs for product improvement and service improvement. Relevant leaders answered the questions raised by users one by one. During the visit, we also made a serious investigation and Analysis on the market sales and user evaluation of the new company of major domestic brand trucks in recent years to establish the business philosophy of customer first and service first

in the process of communicating with dealers and users, Secretary Xu Xuefen, on behalf of the factory, thanked everyone for their trust in Xichai products and support for Xichai factory, introduced the progress made by Xichai in technology, equipment, quality and management in recent years, as well as the characteristics of low fuel consumption and high reliability of Xichai machine, which can be seen from the role of safety, and warmly invited users to visit Xichai. In response to the user's concern about the comprehensive switching topic of the Fourth National Machinery Co., Ltd., Secretary Xu confidently said that the quality and performance advantages of the Fourth National Machinery Co., Ltd. of Xichai diesel have been verified by the market, and they are fully prepared for production capacity and service guarantee. She encouraged users to buy the complete vehicle products of Xichai national four machine Co., Ltd. with confidence, and made a solemn commitment of "core service" on behalf of the Party committee of the factory

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