Leaders of the fifth product division of the hotte

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On January 22, Chen Xin, director of the fifth product department of China Quality Certification Center, Lang Jiancai, certification engineer, Wang Aiguo, director of Shanghai Electrical Equipment Testing Institute, Yi Qian, head of electrical (Electrical) certification and testing department, Yi Ying, head of electrical (Electrical) entrusted testing department, and others visited apt headquarters (seal)

the head of research and Development Department of apt headquarters (seal) led Chen Chu and his delegation to visit the factory. Chen Chu gave a high evaluation of Siemens' high-quality product quality and rigorous management style

after that, langong trained relevant personnel according to the newly implemented factory quality assurance capability requirements. Relevant colleagues from apt Shanghai branch and Tiantai branch were invited to participate in this training, and communicated with langgong about the force value defense rate of 1/500000 certification phase, which has been discussed in recent years

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