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Leaders of the Ministry of education visited Hollysys Technology Group on the morning of May 11, 2012, a delegation represented by Chen Jinyan, director of the IAAT Project Management Office of the education management information center of the Ministry of education, Pu enshuai, senior engineer of the IAAT Jiangsu Office of the education management information center of the Ministry of education, Professor zhouhuixing of China Agricultural University, and Professor Chen Guangming of Nanjing Agricultural University came to Hollysys Technology Group for a visit, Discuss the relevant matters of the seventh national information technology application level competition and Lishi cup electrical control application design competition, and visit the company's exhibition hall, laboratory, etc

in the morning, accompanied by Wang Ye, deputy general manager of the machine company, and Wu Yunfeng, general manager of the product promotion department, director Chen Jinyan, Professor Zhou Huixing, Professor Chen Guangming, and the staff of the product promotion department had an enthusiastic discussion on the content and overall plan of the Seventh National information technology application level competition and the Lishi cup electrical control application design competition, which has taken a solid step for the next step of school enterprise activities

After the meeting, the leaders of the Ministry of education, accompanied by the staff of the machine company, visited the production line, environmental laboratory, high-speed rail laboratory, vibration laboratory and the group exhibition hall. The staff introduced in detail the development history, honors and operation of the company, and explained in detail the achievements made by Hollysys in adhering to independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation and vigorously developing national brands in China's automation industry over the past ten years

During the period of

, Professor Chen Guangming from Nanjing Agricultural University said that through his visit, he saw that Hollysys has been at the forefront of its peers in the field of automation, and also saw that Hollysys, an enterprise full of vitality and innovation, has the ability and strength to align the elastic modulus at the fracture and the maximum experimental force of the two sections of the samples that have been broken by the school enterprise activity office this year, so as to practice society and give back to education

Relevant leaders of Hollysys also said: as a professional manufacturer deeply involved in the automation industry for many years, Hollysys Technology Group is well aware of the importance of knowledge accumulation and technological innovation, and attaches great importance to the education and training of young talents. School enterprise cooperation is also a special part of drainage and exhaust devices that Hollysys attaches great importance to in its marketing work, It is also hoped that more outstanding talents in Colleges and universities can be excavated through this activity, so as to contribute to the revitalization and development of domestic automation technology

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