Leaders of FAW Group praised the remarkable result

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The leaders of FAW Group praised the remarkable results of Xichai QC activity

the leaders of FAW Group praised the remarkable results of Xichai QC activity

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on September 18, the 2014 excellent QC results publishing and activity promotion conference of FAW Group was held in the report hall on the third floor of building a of the headquarters building. Xu Xianping, general manager of the group company, attended the meeting. Qian Hengrong, the director of Xichai factory, Zhang Zhenfeng, the assistant to the director, you Zhiqing, the deputy chief economist, and QC staff attended the video conference in the branch of the fifth conference room of Xichai factory

six groups selected from nearly 6000 QC groups in each unit of the group published their QC activity results in the form of on-site display. Although Jingying from the CA6DL machining workshop of Xichai won the silver medal for the project of "Research on less humanization of 6DL cylinder head line" published by the QC team. Factory director Qian made on-site comments through video connection. He commented that the topics of Jingying QC group were well selected, well organized and implemented, and achieved good results. He encouraged them to continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and realism, make better QC projects, and share the accumulated good experience with everyone, so as to drive more employees to participate in the improvement, so that mass quality improvement activities can play a greater role in the development process of the enterprise

in his important speech, general manager xuxianping repeatedly praised the promotion of QC activities of Xichai. He believed that Xichai plant has established a good mass base around the promotion of QC activities, formed a strong atmosphere of cultural battery cascade utilization and green recycling technology, with extensive participation of employees, and achieved remarkable results in promoting quality improvement

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