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On the afternoon of December 11, Wang Zhaoming, deputy secretary of the CPC Anxiang County Committee and head of Anxiang County, Hunan Province, came to Tianjie paper industry to supervise the guidance and withdrawal of paper enterprises on the spot. County leaders Li Changchun and Jiang jianqu participated in the supervision

Wang Zhaoming and his delegation checked the current situation of the enterprise's shutdown work, had on-site exchanges with the person in charge of the enterprise, and listened to the report of the enterprise's shutdown and subsequent work arrangements

Wang Zhaoming affirmed Tianjie paper's attitude of supporting and cooperating with the county's paper enterprises to guide them to quit work. He requested that the enterprise should strictly follow the time node, reverse the schedule, come up with a detailed shutdown plan, and the relevant functional departments should evaluate the feasibility of the plan, and systematically digest the currently stored production raw materials and auxiliary materials; We should implement safety production, ecological environment protection and letters and visits to maintain stability, and achieve orderly shutdown. 1. Quality assurance. The safety production situation is stable and the wages of a simple person with a structure of 10 points are paid on time during this period, so as to ensure that black liquor, solid waste, hazardous waste and waste water are treated in a timely manner without leaving any hidden dangers

Wang Zhaoming said that the relevant departments and units should make two preparations and come up with a mandatory exit plan. Otherwise, the following adverse consequences may be caused. When the paper enterprises cannot complete the exit task according to the time and the length of ore body exposure of about 88 ~ 1553 meters, they should implement a mandatory exit to ensure the successful completion of the county's paper enterprises to guide the exit task

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