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On June 21, when the national high tech industry standardization demonstration zone seminar was held in Chengdu, the synthetic plastic business seriously affected the future development of the company. Tian Zhaoying, deputy director of the second industry department of the National Standards Commission, Xian kuitung, director of the China Institute of standardization, and the heads of the construction of 24 national high tech industry standardization demonstration zones led a delegation, Accompanied by Zhang Jianzhong, director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Chengdu high tech Zone, he visited Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Youzhi, chairman of Sibao technology, warmly received it, and the extremely cheap one can only be used for two years

accompanied by Chairman Wang Youzhi, Deputy Director Tian Zhaoying and director Xian kuitung paid a special visit to the Sibao national enterprise technology center, the Sibao inspection center approved by the National Laboratory (CNAs), the domestic first-class vertical full-automatic production line, and the company's special honor exhibition hall. Through a detailed understanding of the efforts and fruitful achievements of Sibao technology in technological innovation, standard setting, talent training and other aspects, the delegation representatives said that the development path of Sibao technology has once again proved that standard leading and innovation driving are the best path for high-tech enterprises to seize the voice of the industry and establish international competitiveness

during the exchange, chairman Wang Youzhi made a detailed report to the delegation on the unremitting efforts and fruitful achievements made by enterprises in participating in the formulation of international and national standards and the process of enterprise standardization strategy, especially in the drafting and formulation of two international standards in recent years. At present, the company has built a standard "complex" supported by three standardization systems: management standard system, working standard system and technical standard system, and has led and participated in more than 40 international, national and industrial standards that make it difficult to identify the yield point, laying a solid foundation for the development of new products and the application of new technologies. In this regard, Deputy Director Tian Zhaoying said that he hoped that outstanding high-tech enterprises represented by Sibao technology would give full play to the exemplary role of industry leaders, actively participate in international and national standardization, and lead industrial transformation and upgrading by means of standardization

nowadays, promoting standardization has become an effective mechanism to promote technological innovation of enterprises, an effective way to promote industrial upgrading, and an effective means to crack technical barriers to trade. There is a long way to go to promote the enterprise standardization strategy. Sibao technology will comprehensively promote the standardization process, implement the enterprise standardization strategy, and create a new future for China's silicone rubber industry

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