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On March 30, the Party committee of Anhui Huaguang Optoelectronic Materials Technology Group Co., Ltd. 2 Deformation measurement secretary, chairman and general manager Chen Yong went to Bengbu photoelectric glass branch to investigate and guide work in order to improve processing stability

Chen Yong and his party went deep into the production line, had a detailed understanding of the production and operation, safety and environmental protection and other work of the branch, and asked about the work and income of the employees. Listened to the work report of sunnali, Secretary of the general Party branch and general manager of the branch company, on product quality, innovation, marketing and sales

Chen Yong put forward specific requirements for the next work of the branch. First, we should strengthen market development, be market-oriented, find high-end customers, and open new sales channels. Second, the "three refined management" should not be relaxed, and the production cost should be reduced from the aspects of procurement, energy consumption, raw and auxiliary materials, and the elimination of waste. Third, strengthen innovation, focus on technological innovation, stabilize product quality, improve yield, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and do a good job in "increasing, saving, and reducing". Fourth, we should attach great importance to the inspection work, carefully sort out and investigate our own problems, and make rectification. Fifth, we should do a good job in Party building, combine it with production and operation, and give full play to the fighting fortress of Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members. Sixth, we should strengthen the work of safety and environmental protection. Safety should be taught every day, every class, and more training. There are all kinds of electromagnetic disturbance signal training, more education, and the investment in safety and environmental protection should be guaranteed

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