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Leaders of China Rubber Association inspected Tianjin Wanda tire

on May 31, fan Rende, President of China Rubber Industry Association, Deng Yali, executive vice president and secretary general, Cai Weimin, deputy secretary general and Secretary General of tire branch, Yang canguang, Secretary General of motorcycle tire branch, and a delegation of 6 people visited Tianjin Wanda Tire Group Co., Ltd. Gengyushun, chairman of Tianjin Wanda, and other company leaders reported the development of Wanda in recent years to President fan, and accompanied him to visit the production workshop of the enterprise

Geng Yushun introduced that Tianjin Wanda was founded in 1988. At present, its products mainly include bicycles, rickshaws, motorcycles, light trucks, agricultural vehicles and various industrial tires with small wheel diameters. Last year, its sales revenue reached 1.8 billion yuan. It is particularly worth mentioning that in recent years, enterprises have continuously adjusted the product structure and developed ATV tires (all terrain tires - except for the tires that have been named and are suitable for off-road driving systems, which have large function consumption and complex equipment, are all classified as ATV tires, such as beach car tires, forest tour car tires, etc.). Last year, the output of ATV tires reached more than 3.6 million, making it the largest manufacturer in China with the most complete specifications and varieties. ATV tires have also become the most distinctive products of enterprises. At present, 90% of Tianjin Wanda ATV tires are exported, and most of them enter the OE supporting market

in addition, Wanda bicycle tires are also developing rapidly. Tianjin is the largest bicycle distribution center in China, with an output of more than 34million bicycles. At present, the demand for bicycle tires in society is also relatively large, especially the demand for exercise vehicles increases rapidly. Compared with the past 26 and 28 cars, it is not a concept at all, but requires comfort. The tires should be elastic, wide cross-section, light weight and rich colors. Wanda has finally developed spray free products comparable to the spray effect and developed many new products. Now the enterprise has more than 400 varieties of tires such as bicycles and electric vehicles, with a daily output of 200000 bicycle tires, of which 50% are exported

Geng Yushun said that in recent years, enterprises have also been constantly thinking about how to find a distinctive product path in their development. After market research, it was found that the demand for ATV tires in foreign countries is increasing, while there are not many domestic manufacturers of this product, so they resolutely invested and adjusted the product structure. At present, Tianjin Wanda ATV products are highly competitive, and there are not many domestic products. The varieties of other manufacturers are not as complete as Tianjin Wanda. However, due to the small, miscellaneous and diverse specifications of ATV tires, there are also two problems: first, there are many product molds, and only 600 tires are produced with a minimum of one mold, so it is not easy for enterprises to switch production again, and it is difficult to realize automation; Second, there are many employees. At present, the number of employees employed by enterprises is more than 4000, and the cost of employment is high. Due to the difficulty of recruitment, enterprises need to solve many problems, such as staff dormitories and children's enrollment, which is equivalent to private enterprises running society

Geng Yushun said that at present, the company is working on the upper half steel ATV tire project, with a scale of 4million pieces/year, monthly delivery of equipment, and it is planned to put into production at the end of the year or early next year. In addition, the company is also considering engineering tyres or agricultural radial tyres. Over the years, enterprises have been looking for new development ideas, products from power car tires to ATV tires, to grass tires, and then to semi steel ATV tires. We hope to get rid of the current labor-intensive situation, improve equipment and formula, and reduce costs. He hoped that the leaders of the association would give guidance

the picture shows the leaders of China Rubber Association visiting the production workshop of Tianjin Wanda

Yang canguang said that there are not many enterprises such as Tianjin Wanda in the tire industry, and there are more than 10 enterprises with an output value of more than 300 million yuan in the whole industry. Wanda's development is characterized by the willingness to invest and transform, and the transformation of many equipment. Wanda's domestic diaphragm enterprises take the transformation of plastic film processing enterprises as the main force, playing a leading role in the industry. The key to Wanda's success lies in the adjustment of its product structure. It has found a way that others have not taken, and the industry recognizes Wanda's development model

Cai Weimin said that under the fierce market competition, it is not easy for Wanda to adapt to the market needs, adjust the product structure, and walk out of a distinctive path. He suggested that among Wanda's products, if there is a market for bias tires, they can continue to be produced, and the structure and output can be adjusted. At present, the bias tires of several domestic tire enterprises are still very distinctive and sell well. In addition, there are not many agricultural radial tires made in China at present, and development can also be considered

Deng Yali believes that Wanda's ATV tires are very distinctive. Developed countries generally do not make such products. There are many labor, miscellaneous products, difficult production management, and high costs. We should continue to maintain this feature, ensure several fist products, and achieve our own excellence

fan Rende pointed out that most products of domestic enterprises are the same, and they compete for price in the market, while Wanda adheres to the road of differentiation, which is a typical enterprise in the force tire industry to adjust the product structure. 2. If there is no problem with the universal testing machine. He believed that Wanda attached importance to technological progress, made great efforts to transform and update equipment, and greatly improved product quality. He suggested that in the next step, Wanda should pay attention to the application of high-tech and increase the application of electromechanical integration and information technology, which will not only reduce labor costs, but also further improve product quality

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