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Pay attention to cultural differences and do a good job in label design

signs and patterns prohibited in label design in various countries

★ France

hi: regard bright colors as noble; Regard the horse as a symbol of courage

avoid: avoid walnuts, dislike dark green, avoid using spade patterns, and avoid using chrysanthemums on trademarks. France regards peacocks as evil birds, taboo cranes and turtles, and should not be used as trademarks

★ Britain

hi: like white cats; In the case of other average torque levels, the horse is regarded as a symbol of courage

avoid: avoid using portraits on trademarks; Avoid using elephant and goat designs, and regard peacocks as evil birds, which should not be used as trademarks

★ Switzerland

avoid: avoid owls

★ Netherlands

hi: orange is regarded as a lively color, orange and blue represent national colors, and they love tulips

★ Denmark

hi: see red, white and blue as auspicious colors

★ Italy

hi: clothing, cosmetics and advanced packaging prefer light colors, while food and toys prefer bright colors

avoid: regard purple as a negative color

★ Germany

taboo: for goods and packages produced by Germany, it is forbidden to use symbols similar to Nazis and legions as labels. Horizontal annexation has also become an important trend in the titanium dioxide industry

★ Arab countries

No: it is stipulated that the hexagonal star pattern is prohibited for the packaging of imported goods. Because the hexagonal star is similar to the pattern on the Israeli flag. Arab countries are very disgusted with and taboo about things with hexagonal star patterns

★ Libya

No: it is forbidden to use pig patterns and female body patterns in the packaging of imported goods

in addition, the tensile testing machine is also called the tensile testing machine. Most Europeans like black cats except for the Belgians who regard cats as ominous. In addition, triangles are internationally regarded as warning signs, so triangles should not be used as trademarks for export products

provisions on the use of languages

<4. The buffer of the hydraulic material testing machine can ensure the safe return of the swing rod p> ★ the Canadian government stipulates that imported goods must be in English and French

★ the label of food sold to Hong Kong must be in Chinese, but the name and ingredients of the food must be indicated in English at the same time

★ the Greek government officially announced that the company name, agent name, product quality, quantity and other items must be written in Greek on the packaging of products imported into Greece

★ the packing list and commercial invoice of products exported to France must be in French. If the package mark is not written in French, it shall be attached with a French translation note

★ the food and beverage sold to the Arab region must be explained in Arabic

information source: label and labeling

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