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Before the water pump starts to work, it should be noted that this marks the new stage of AVIC industry's large-scale transformation and upgrading. Pay attention to the inspection and monitoring

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1. Oil temperature: do not exceed 60 ℃.

2. Oil level: for rolling bearings without oil ring, the oil level should not be lower than the ball center; for bearings with oil Anyang that lack long-term market cultivation and guide ring, the oil level should be able to be buried and immersed in one-fifth of the diameter of the oil ring. In order to monitor the oil level, the bearing is equipped with an oil level gauge or oil standard.

3. Oil quality: no water into impurities, no emulsification or blackening.

4. Abnormal sound: Special In particular, abnormal sound usually occurs when the rolling bearing is damaged

II. Whether the readings of vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and ammeter are normal

1. The pointer of vacuum gauge shall not swing too much. If the swing is too large, it may be that the inlet has vaporized. In addition, the reading of the vacuum gauge should not be too high, which may be caused by the blockage and jamming of the inlet valve, the falling off of the inlet valve flap, the lowering of the water level of the suction pool, etc

2. The reading of the pressure gauge is too low, which may be due to poor operation of the components in the pump, serious wear of the sealing ring, etc. In addition, when the water demand of the system is large, the pump outlet pressure will also decrease

3. The reading of ammeter is too large, which may be caused by the water supply volume. If the pointer is still very unstable during the test process, friction occurs in the pump, etc. If the reading of ammeter is too small, it means that the pump has fallen into water or the outside world does not need so much water

III. whether the pump body vibrates

generally, the vibration amplitude of the water pump shall not exceed 0.08mm. (the pump shall be determined separately for special requirements)

the vibration causes are:

1. The center of the water pump and motor is not correct

2. The foundation screws of the pump body or motor are loose or the foundation is not firm

3. Insufficient tightening force of bearing cover. Make the bearing bush jump in the body

4. The rotor mass is unbalanced

5. The volute pump, especially some high head Volute Pumps, will also have different degrees of vibration at small flow, because there is a radial force on the rotor at this time. When the outlet valve is opened to a certain extent, the vibration disappears

IV. whether the sealing work is normal

1. The packing should be able to drip a little, not too tight, otherwise it will be hot and smoke. But too loose will also cause a large amount of water leakage, which is easy to move into the bearing to emulsify the oil. The packing shall be replaced regularly, and the shaft seal will not work when it is hard. The pasting process of soaking such materials adopts special mortar to paste on the wall for a long time, which will lead to the deterioration of the filler groove

2. The mechanical seal at the end face should be filled with liquid before operation to prevent dry grinding. The equipment that has not been started for a long time should be manually driven off. For the easy crystallization and granular medium, when the medium temperature is 100, the best way is to take corresponding washing, filtration, cooling measures and auxiliary sealing devices

source: Yongjia Haitan Pump Co., Ltd

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