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Pay attention to the overall planning of intelligent transportation system

1 Introduction

intelligent transportation system is receiving high attention from all aspects in China. Many cities are planning or have launched intelligent transportation system construction projects. The problem that needs high attention is the overall coordination of the intelligent transportation system. Otherwise, it may cause problems such as the system construction funds can not play a role effectively and the system can not operate effectively

2. The particularity of intelligent transportation system construction

only in this way can we ensure the level of instruments. Intelligent transportation system is a revolution to the traditional transportation system. It improves the decision-making ability of transportation management departments through information technology, control technology, computer technology and other high-tech means, guides the rationalization of individual traffic behavior, and reduces the operational errors of drivers, So as to improve the operation efficiency of the transportation system, improve the service level of the system, and enhance the safety and reliability of the system

intelligent transportation system needs to integrate multiple information systems in different jurisdictions to ensure the effective flow of information and give full play to its efficiency. Therefore, intelligent transportation system is not a simple equipment integration, but a high-level information system integration. At the same time, the intelligent transportation system is closely related to the management level. Without the improvement of the management level, the intelligent transportation system will be difficult to play a role. Intelligent transportation system is not a simple collection of technologies. A simple stack of technologies cannot produce a truly effective system

intelligent transportation system is actually a complex social system: the construction of the system involves many fields and departments, and the management system, information communication ability and problem perspective will have a great impact on the construction and operation of the system; System development involves many technical fields. How to participate and coordinate with experts from different disciplines is an unavoidable problem Tensile strength: problem; Governments, enterprises and research institutions need to assume different responsibilities in the construction of intelligent transportation system, and the dislocation of roles will also have adverse effects

because of this, system planning plays an important role in the construction of intelligent transportation system

3. Case analysis of system integration

like China, Japan's its construction, which can easily meet the experimental requirements, also involves multiple government departments and fields. After the country has completed the research on its overall framework, the police department has put forward the utms21 scheme based on this framework, trying to form the core of its system and form an organic cooperation relationship with relevant systems

utm21 scheme is not limited to the tasks under the jurisdiction of the police department, including advanced traffic control system, traffic information service system, bus priority control system, vehicle operation management system, dynamic route guidance system, traffic hazard reduction system, safe driving support system, rescue information support system, etc

the system scheme has the following characteristics worthy of reference:

it emphasizes the sharing of basic information collection facilities. Utm21 proposed to build optical detection equipment as a shared basic information collection facility. From 1992 to 1997, Japan has set up about 14000 units nationwide (about 2000 units in Osaka). According to the plan, it will expand to 30000 units in 2000. Optical detection equipment can use infrared ray to conduct two-way communication with on-board equipment, and at the same time transmit infrared ray to the road. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of Kemen's growth and rapid growth. There are different detection vehicles between vehicles and road reflected waves. It is an important feature of utms21 system scheme to make full use of the communication ability and vehicle detection and identification ability of optical detection equipment and expand its application range

concept of system core. As the core of advanced traffic control system, develop and study modeato (management by origin destination related adaptation for traffic optimization). The goals of sensor configuration, information collection, traffic indicators, control indicators and micro induction control are clearly put forward

attach importance to the analysis of system requirements. For example, according to the characteristics of a considerable proportion of elderly drivers in our country, which leads to a large number of accidents, in view of the slow response during their driving, the information support measures for elderly drivers are highlighted in the safe driving support system

emphasis on validation test analysis. Verify the possible effects of each subsystem to guide the development of the system. For example, the dynamic route guidance system was tested twice within 16km2 of central Tokyo in october1996 and february1997. The corresponding optical detection facilities within the test range were 100. The effectiveness of the guidance system is verified by grouping vehicles with different information support levels. The third test was carried out in March1998 within the area of about 400km2 in the center of the capital expressway. There were 180 sets of light detection equipment in the test area. The test results show that the induction system can greatly increase the proportion of vehicles that realize the shortest circuit operation and shorten the operation time by 5~7%

4. Thinking on the planning of intelligent transportation system in China

for the intelligent transportation system in China, the system planning needs to focus on the integration of the system. Focus on solving the following problems:

determination of system objectives and system service demand hierarchy

analyze the system construction mechanism, clarify the status and tasks of the government, enterprises and research institutions, as well as the coordination relationship between industries

determination of system framework structure. It includes system concept structure, system logic structure, system information structure, system communication relationship structure and protocol, system physical mechanism, connection structure between subsystems, etc

layout scheme of system shared infrastructure and management scheme of shared information

the planning of intelligent transportation system requires the participation of technical personnel from traffic engineering, information engineering, management engineering and other disciplines. Generally speaking, the more macro level planning is, the more traffic information engineering technicians are the main body, and the more specific scheme level is

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