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Analysis: pay more attention to the use of glass in home decoration nowadays, more and more people like to add glass to home decoration. However, in geomancy, it is believed that glass has a kind of dark light, which is not suitable for any place. More attention should be paid to its use at home

in some small apartment units, many people will choose to break down the partition wall between the bedroom and the living room and replace it with glass to make it a semi open space. But Zhou Lianxi, a famous Zhouyi scholar, said that the living room is the area where guests flow, belonging to Yang; And the bedroom is the place where the master rests, belonging to Yin. If the glass wall used in the middle can meet the needs of more users, it will become a form of looking through at a glance, which will make the space Yin and Yang difficult to be separated, and it is easy to disturb people's thinking, so it is not appropriate. If need to save a space actually, had better choose the splint that does not transmit light to do a distance, can use frosted glass next, and hang thick curtain on the inside of the bedroom

some people will lay glass floor tiles on the floor of their homes and make patterns as decorations. Mr. Zhou Lianxi thought that this was inappropriate, because the ground at home must be stable, and the glass can not give people a "down-to-earth" feeling, which will make people lack a sense of security, and at the same time, it will cause instability in the family. In addition, the glass wall decoration used for home decoration is not

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