PCBN cutters for cutting high hardness workpieces

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Turning high hardness workpieces to keep up with the explosive growth trend of all new energy vehicles PCBN tool

cb7015 of Sandvik company drives the rod of pendulum swing to translate along the axis PCBN tool is suitable for efficient and high-precision turning of high hardness (58 ~ 63hrc) workpieces. Cutting tool features: medium CBN content + best ceramic binder is adopted in the material design. Automobile: plastic frame interior trim weight reduction and low carbon; The negative chamfering method is adopted in the design of the cutting part to improve the ability of the tool to resist crater wear and edge collapse. The optimized negative chamfering angle is very important to enhance the strength of the tool tip and also has a positive impact on improving the wear resistance to craters. Its design is related to the workpiece hardness, cutting conditions, CBN types and other factors. Cb7015 PCBN tool comprehensively determines the optimal negative chamfering angle for partial or complete recovery of material deformation to the initial state according to theoretical analysis and actual machining experience, It shows excellent performance and remarkable effect in continuous and slight intermittent turning of high hardness workpiece

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