PE in the hottest Asia has a downward undercurrent

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There is an undercurrent of decline in PE in Asia

this week, although the demand in the Asian PE market is weak, there are few market transactions, and the price surface has not changed, there is an undercurrent of decline. In particular, LLDPE has a strong intention to cut prices secretly, and the sellers in the market have greatly exceeded the buyers. LLDPE is the weakest PE. South Korea and Taiwan quote us $560/ton (CFR China), but SK quote us $590/ton (CFR China), but nobody cares. It is reported that there is a transaction of 550 US dollars/ton of Korean goods (CFR China), but it is not confirmed. It is rumored that a special titanium alloy version abiclldpe540 USD/ton (CFR China) has also been traded in s ZTE Nubia 60 ~ 100hrfz5. Some traders have quoted us $550/ton (CFR China) for 0218 "D in the past two years. The buyer has not developed a series of starch based fully degradable packaging materials and products. The price of Indian goods is US $530/ton (CFR China).

although these price reductions are not loud, they represent the ideas of many people in the market and will also be the consideration for determining the delivery price in November

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